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Dear Manolo,
I am getting married in Key West and I want to buy a pair of shoes for my wedding that are not typical wedding shoes. I am looking for a strappy, heeled sandal. And I want them to be blue. Can you suggest anything?


Manolo says, the wedding in the Key of West? Of such things are the dreams of the lifetime made!

Well can the Manolo imagine the high-spirited sort of the ceremony that may take place in this eccentric and tropical location.

As the steel drum band strikes up the wedding march, we see the bride, well-attired in her head-to-the-toe ensemble of Caribbean Lagoon Blue, being escorted across the beach and down the makeshift aisle on the arm of the doughty neighbor, the genius Jimmy Buffet.

Awaiting her at the altar is her husband to be, himself the lovely shade of Sargasso Sea Green, the result of the previous evening’s extensive bachelor party barhop during which he attempted to “raise the ghost” of the Papa Hemingway.

The guests include the usual Key West assortment of smugglers, pirates, treasure hunters, and interior designers, and at the least two, rival Cher impersonators.

To the Manolo this it sound so lovely that he can only pray that he is invited.

As for blue shoes for the feets of the bride, the Manolo would recommend the Refine by the Charles David. The are strappy. They are blue. They are indeed not the typical shoes of the wedding.

Refine by Charles David   Manolo Likes!  Click!