Manolo says, the Manolo he has of late been feeling unsettled, nervousy, on edge. There is the atmosphere of dark foreboding, as if something terrible were about to happen.

The portents they have not been good.

The pets of the neighbors of the Manolo they have been skittish; the dogs they have whined and snapped, and the cats they have hissed without provocation. And now the carrion birds are roosting in the trees near the house.

Each day it has dawned darker than the last.

Worst of all, yesterday, the Manolo thought he had heard the muffled sound of thundering hooves, as if the massive hoard of ravening Mongols were riding fast down upon our peaceful hamlet.

And now, with the news of this day, it all becomes hideously apparent:

Destruction! Death! The End of Civilization as We Know It!

Worse! The Eruovision, it has Returned!


The last time, the devestation it was as complete as the ten plagues that were visited upon Egypt by the angry God.

The Plague, Day 1, The Plague, Day 2, The Plague, Day 3.



Manolo says, the Manolo he has been meaning for several of the weeks now to mention the Coutorture, the new venture by the Manolo’s internet friend the Almost Girl.

And now, he has the perfect opportunity! There is this Thursday in the Manhattan the giant party to formally launch the Cortorture..

The guest list it looks most amusing indeed.

Guests include Renata of Fashion Wire Daily, our WiredSet buddies, buddies from Complex Magazine, Pamela of Bag Trends, the beautiful Lesley of Fashiontribes, Elke Von Freudenberg of Beauty News Blog and the lovely Lera of Fashion Addict Diary and staffers from the fantastic

What is the Coutorture?

It is the new online fashion community, the democratic sort of gathering place of which the Manolo wholeheartedly approves> However do not take the word of the Manolo for this. You must go to this most super fantastic bash yoruself so that you may meet the Almost Girl and have her speak to you about the Coutorture.