Congratulations to the Verbal Croquis!

Manolo says, ayyyyyyyyyy! The Manolo’s internet friend the Verbal Croquis (also known as the Zoe Hong), she is now officially on the way to becoming the hot young designer, for she has just won the Perrier Bubbling Under Gen Arts competition!

The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the Style Graduate, she has posted her topic for the next Carnivale of the Couture.

For this week’s Carnivale, I want to know what runway look you would wear as a Halloween costume. And no cheating; it has to be an outfit actually sent down a runway by a designer! So go forth, fashion bloggers, and find photos of your costumes!

This it is the excellent but most incredibly difficult topic.

It is difficult because has has so many costumery possibilities from which to choose. Would the Manolo go as the Indian Chief or the Dread Pirate? The Gangster of Love or the Napoleon XIV?

Perhaps the answer it is the Harlequin Pimp!

Ayyy! Too many choices!


The Pop Apocalypse, Part Two

Manolo says, this disaster known as the Eurovision, it continues to devastate the continent of Europe.

Look at these latest outrages to be visited upon the citizens of this blighted region.

Fabrizio! Fabrizio! The Maltese Tough Boy and his Band of Clingy-Needy Babes.

Romanian Flash Dance Choreography…

Help, he has fallen and he cannot get up!


P.S. Many thanks to the Keith Mills for allowing the Manolo to borrow his pictures of this horror.