Say No to the Crocs!

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s many internet friends is crying out for the help.


Unlike many non-fashion bloggers, I, one of the Ditzy Democrats, read your shoe blog daily, and follow the advice of the Manolo. We are the only political blog that links to the Manolo in the DC area, and our taste in shoes, well, it is based on that of the Manolo’s.

Unfortunately, the family members of the Ditzy Democrats do not do the same, and it is for this that I write to you. My mother is set, and I mean SET on buying a pair of… Crocs! Ayyyyyyyy!!! I have tried everything, but nothing will deter her from wanting them- “they are so comfortable!” I managed to keep her from buying a pair when she was in Key West (can you imagine!) but now, back in DC, she wants a pair, and because a friend of hers has a pair that she wears whilst working on thier sailboat, she is more set in her desire for these ugliest of ugly shoes.

What can I tell her? I am at a loss, which may sound a little, um, crazy to those who do not know how horrid Crocs are, or how important superfantastic shoes are, but she just won’t listen to me. Any suggestions?

Many thanks,

Manolo says, the only thing that is needed is to remind the mother that there are the particular symptoms that indicate the onset of the senility…

Non compos mentis: legal grounds for committal.

As for the other arguments, the Manolo would merely have the Melissa send the mother to the Manolo’s humble disquisition on the topic of the Crocs, there she will find this bit of wisdom.

Yes, the defenders of the Crocs they will speak, as the defenders of the ugly often do, of the great comfort of this “shoe”. Manolo asks you, why must the “comfort” always be the war cry of those who would lead us into the bad shoes?

Manolo says, comfort and style they are not incompatable, one does not obviate the other.

Finally, the Manolo he has it on good authority, from those who have worn the Crocs and repented, that these plastic not-so-super-fantastic shoes cause the unnatural sweating of the feets, sweating that would leave the elderly mother smelling like the anteroom of the Turkish bath.

So, in conclusion, say no to the Crocs!