Manolo says, apparently, the Paul Bunyon he has taken the office job!

P.S. This shoe above, it is not even the winner in the contest .

The Next Carnivale of the Couture!

Manolo says, the Rebecca at the Space Between My Peers blog she has posted the topic for the next Carnivale of the Couture, and it is the good one.

Suppose you stepped off a plane in your neighborhood, city, or country. Could you tell you were home by how people were dressed? Is there a Regional Casual Uniform? What do people (and you may narrow down to a specific segment of the population if you like) wear when they are going out, during the day, going to be seen, but not needing to dress up?

The Manolo can only answer that, of the course, in every place there is the distinctive Regional Casual Uniform.

For the example, here in the ‘Bu, the rich ladies with the kids and the Guatemalan nannies, they wear what the Manolo refers to as the “California Beach Chic”, the style that involves spending much money and effort to appear as if you were merely the well-tanned and toned beach bum-ette, who just happens to be driving the BMW 745il.

It is the style of the $300 pre-faded, zip-front sweat jacket paired with the cargo pants and the wedge slides. Everything it is loose and relaxed and comfortable, and would appear to those who do not know to be thoughtlessly tossed onto the well-maintained. man-made body.