The Ad of the Ann Coulter

Manolo says, several of the Manolo’s internet friends have left the comments taking the Manolo to task for the appearance on his blog of the ad for the new book by the Ann Coulter.

The Manolo he has yet to see this new ad, however, he assumes that it has appeared because of the efforts of the Pajamas Media network to sell the advertising.

And so this ad it has not been explicitly approved by the Manolo.

However, after having said this, the Manolo he does not have the problem taking the advertisments of the Ann Coulter, just as he would not have the problem taking the advertisments of the Michael Moore.

They are not peddling the drugs, nor the pornography, nor are they engaged in the illegal activities. Yes, such extremely partisan peoples are frequently unpleasant, and shrill, and hectoring, but this it is the free country, the free internets, and the peoples are allowed to speak their minds and advertise their books, even if those minds and books are not filled with the very attractive thoughts.

Of the course, it has always been the policy of the Manolo to keep the shoe blog of the Manolo somewhat free of the very heated and often unpleasant political discussions that animate so much of the blogosphere.

This place, the Manolo’s Shoe Blog, it should be the refuge of harmony and friendship, where peoples who may not always agree can come to discuss the fashion, to gently mock the celebrities, and to celebrate the mutual love of the beautiful shoes.

And so the Manolo he would ask that we remember that we should treat each other as friends well-met, in the spirit of mutual comity, even–perhaps especially–if we do not agree with each other.

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