Do These Make Me Look Flat?

Ballet Flats from Pretty Ballerina.

Manolo says, here is the link to the brief article on the history and popularity of the ballet flats.

We bow (or maybe a pirouette would be more appropriate) to whoever thought to take a ballet slipper, slap on a sturdier sole, finish it in a nicer fabric, add some cute adornments and take it to the street.

Since its transformation from the dance studio to daily life, the ballet flat has become one of the hottest shoe trends – one that miraculously couples cuteness with comfort. Forget the gold and silver satin metallic finish that we associate with the typical fashion ballet flat. Check out what’s new for the shoe that is enjoying an extended stay on the fashion forefront.

Back when ballet flats were strictly a dancer’s shoe, the Mascaro family opened a handcrafted ballet shoe workshop in Menorca, Spain in 1918. After many years, the company is now recognized internationally for the Jaime Mascaro collection of shoes and bags, as well as the Pretty Ballerinas line, a collection of street-worthy ballet flats and pumps that – with over 30 styles in the spring collection alone – have something for every foot.

Of the course, the Manolo he is the big fan of both the ballet flat and the Jamie Mascaro.