Project Runway 3, Week 5

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, behold the fashion icon!

Yes, the Cher she was the odd choice for the fashion icon, but otherwise, the Manolo he loved this challenge!

It was such the pleasant change from the previous challenge which involved, as the Manolo remembers it, making the polyester twin-sets for the Wal-Mart.

The results of this week, they did not disappoint, as the Michael Knight, who is the Manolo’s official favorite, was the winner. The Manolo he cannot heap enough of the praise on the Michael, who is talented, smart, gracious, kind, humble, and yet confident enough in his own abilites. He even loves his mama! Such the nice young man.

And, his outfit with the hot pants, it was the best by far.

Likewise, the hippy drippy stoner Bradley deserved to be sent away, if for no other reason than not knowing anything about the Cher and her “style”.

This it was also the week during which others things became apparent and official:

Vincent has no talent, except for the panic and the self-sabotage. Ayyyyyyy, this man, he needs to go away.

Barbie Boy Robert has no imagination, not even for something so obvious as to how to dress the Jackie O. Yes, perhaps he can sew, but his designs are blah, blah, blah. The rope belt on his jacket…please, do not make the Manolo comment upon such things.

Jeffery would be nothing without the gimmick of the aggressive neck tattoo. He is the whiner who does not even have the talent to start the good fight in the sewing room. Even the Madonna, who has worn many stupid things, would not have worn his outfit.

Angela, who only wishes to be loved in her own egomaniacally selfish and destructive way, is smart enough to have learned from her previous mistakes. Angela + Audrey Hepburn it should equal disaster, but oddly it did not. Perhaps it was the brief contact last week with the Laura and the Michael.

Speaking of the Laura, the Manolo is now waiting for her to show up one day in the coat made from the fur of the 101 dalmatians.

Of the course, the best news of the week was that the Michael Kors he has returned! Finally, we were given the weekly dose of the high-quality snark which our fragile systems and this show so desperately require.


34 Responses to “Project Runway 3, Week 5”

  1. Valerie Says:

    I would love to know what The Manolo thinks of Kayne’s “goth Marilyn Monroe” dress????

    I am SO happy my sweet boy Michael finally got the spotlight he deserved in this episode. Only he could make hot pink hot pants look chic.

  2. Laura K Says:

    What a superfantastic episode this was! Michael and Nazri rocked Pam Grier. This win was long overdue.

  3. Martha Winger Says:

    I have admired Michael since the first episode with his coffee filter dress. He seems unflappable. It’s so rare to see confidence and humility.

    And Kayne – as Heidi says, never boring. Great back detail on his dress. However, he is too sparkle-y and rosy for me.

    Can’t wait until next week!

  4. Martha Says:

    Manolo, I will pay for a round trip ticket for you to come to Scottsdale and watch the Project Runway finale with me. Kindred spirits are hard to come by.

  5. Miz Shoes Says:

    “Jeffery would be nothing without the gimmick of the aggressive neck tattoo. He is the whiner who does not even have the talent to start the good fight in the sewing room. Even the Madonna, who has worn many stupid things, would not have worn his outfit.”

    AMEN and hand to sky.

    And really, how can a Male Fashion Designer be alive in the 21st century and not know CHER?

    This is a mystery the depths of which I will never penetrate…

  6. B in P Says:

    Bradley’s outfit didn’t personify Cher so much as it personified Bradley: it was rumpled, disheveled, kind of hairy, and certainly spacey. Not sure how the “insane crotch” works into that equation, though.

    Robert: How many rope belts must a man tie before you can call him a man?

    Seriously, didn’t he already do a rope belt jacket in the challenge with Kayne & Vincent?

  7. Ellen Says:

    Ah, Manolo. I so enjoy your insightful and clever analysis of the Project Runway. Reading your shoe blog is almost as much fun as listening to the Michael Kors!

  8. kim Says:

    Yes. Nothing without his neck tatoo! You are so right. Maybe he would be Archie Bunker with that woman hating?

  9. La Gémelle Says:

    :::Swooning over the fashions of Angela (Audrey), Kayne (Marilyn), and Michael (Pam Grier)::: All were beautifully constructed, and good updates for their icons. But Michael’s outfit (and model Nazri!) was a dead-on match. The judges got it exactly right.

    Michael’s garment was exquisitely made and fitted. Nazri looked gorgeous. La Gémelle, she loved it — even though she usually abhors the hot of pants!

  10. La Gémelle Says:

    PS: I wouldn’t let the Bradley sew on a button. How did he ever pass the autition???

  11. La Gémelle Says:

    Whoops, the fingers were spazzing at the very idea. AuDition, of course!!

  12. Gigi Says:

    As the very wise Tim Gunn said in his podcast, how can one be a gay male fashion designer and not know Cher? So long, Bradley, it was time – yes, you are sweet and, yet, depressing.

    Conversely, I did a happy dance when the brilliant and talented Michael won last night! Could Nazri have been more perfect to portray the very foxy Pam Grier? I think not! I can’t wait to see what he dazzles us with next week. :-) I pray that Michael and Nazri will not be separated for the duration of the season – they are perfect together.

  13. Lady DunBraidh Says:

    “Captain Save-A-Ho” indeed! What a superfantastic save Michael did on that outfit, tossing the blah skirt and making the hot pants. While the Lady DunBraidh has not worn hot pants in many years, (to the gratitude of many), she certainly appreciates that the lovely young things can wear them with aplomb.

  14. Christine Says:

    Ah, the Manolo, how he has made my day. How I agree with his joy at the winning of Michael, also the official favorite of the Christine; and how the image of Laura in her dalmation coat made me gleefully happy! One can only conclude that the Bradley must be from another planet to not know about Cher, as it is true that she is the one who will survive nuclear war with Cockroaches and Twinkies. Surely the Bradley must have heard this one before! Oh, and how the Christine missed her Michael Kors so much that she went this weekend to spend much money at his store, if only to have something of his! How super fantastic to have his catty comments return!

  15. Eric3000 Says:

    Oh my god, Laura would totally make a great Cruella De Ville except that she would never touch a puppy. God, I love her!

  16. Summer Says:

    ‘The crotch in those pants is insane!!’

    -Michael Kors, while reviewing Bradly’s Cher outfit

    Why am I the only one that loves this line? It’s so versatile. We all know someone with an insane crotch and I will definately be recycling this phrase.

  17. v2m3 Says:

    Jeffrey of the unfortunate tattoo. Today I watched the Road to Project Runway 3 and it featured a full-on three-quarter shot of the Jeffrey. Never before have I seen such an extraordinarly narrow head supported by the thickest of necks. A disproportionate head/neck such as Jeffrey’s was last seen on the muppet, Beaker, assistant to Professor Honeydew.
    Not only does the Jeffrey look like the Beaker, he sounds like him too. Beaker only communicated by repeating the word “Meep!” Jeffrey communicates by repeating the word “Quack!”.

  18. bittybis Says:

    “a coat made from the fur of 101 dalmations.” Thanks for making me laugh out loud.

  19. angelhair Says:

    Great entertainment last night. The challenge was maybe the best ever. But while it was good tv, it was really terrible as a competition. How lame was it to get rid of two models simply by drawing names from a bag? Very lame. And the challenge was really like comparing apples to oranges. As the fabulous Laura observed, something simple (yet totally wonderful) like her updated K. Hepburn look just didn’t have the drama of a flashier costume (Marilyn, Foxy Brown, etc.) and couldn’t grab the attention of the judges. It would only have been a fair contest if all the designers were updating the same icon. That said, I was glad Michael finally won. And Kayne continues to produce strong work. Jeffrey’s hideous thing should have been in the bottom three – I actually think it was worse than Bradley’s lackluster effort. It fit poorly and those boots – they were too clunky and never, ever, would Madonna have put those things on her feet, or that ugly thing on her body. Can’t wait til next week to see if Michael and Kayne continue to pull away from the pack and to see if Angela/Vincent/Jeffrey self-destruct. It’s only a matter of time.

  20. fashionistaguide Says:

    Michael was the all round winner! no one could have done it better!! wonder if they can have some inspiration every day items like classy vases as seen on

  21. jj Says:

    I love Michael. I loved the coffee filter dress and his response to this weeks challenge was PERFECTION. I hate formal shorts, but man, that outfit was fierce! Plus, I love that he didn’t whine about re-cutting and reworking the design, and he didn’t let it cause a big delay. He just made it work.

    However, I also swooned over the back of Kayne’s Marilyn dress. Those perfectly seamed, beautiful godets! He might have had a chance to win if it weren’t for the wikety-wack lacing.

    And Laura, shame on you. That wasn’t an update of Katherine Hepburn. That was just Katherine Hepburn. Beautiful, but nothing new or original.

  22. caroline Says:

    Bradley was quite adorable although he had no skill what soever and i was suprised that he didn’t get kicked off with the designer’s best friend challenge.

    But Laura’s outfits are getting quite boring as their all tweed suits of some sort involving a rosy palette of colors.

    But Kayne, wow, absolutely GORGEEOUS i loved the color combination and how the green filtered through the black, plus the fact that the model’s red hair look fab on the dress. I’ve gotta give it up for Kayne since all of his outfits are fabulous so far.

  23. Joyce Says:

    I was so glad that Michael won! And Michael Kors being back was just the best! He loved those hot pants so much, I thought he was going to jump up and grab them off of Nazri and try them on himself.

    My friend Anita says that he saw “Chickenhead” (aka Jeffery – because of the combo of the neck and his hair that looks like a chicken comb) yesterday at a gallery in LA.

  24. gemdiva Says:

    Go Michael…..Go Michael……..Go Michael!!!! I just love everything he does! He is so unpretentious and so talented. My absolute favorite!

    And Angela, what a surprise! She may be egomaniacal, but hey who isn’t. She certainly is a gal who can learn from her mistakes and I love how she has her “signature” poufs incorporated in everything. I used to find them annoying, but I’m starting to think they’ll be a great marketing tool some day if she can keep them toned down and use them as accents rather than letting them overpower her designs. I can see them now on handbags, shoes, sheets, PJs. Everyone needs a gimmick to get ahead :-)

  25. Gloria Says:

    I can’t help but agree with almost everything you’ve said! You’ve put my distaste for Keith into the perfect words.

  26. Ellen Says:

    The Laura might never touch a puppy except to wear the puppy-fur coat indeed. She truly is the Cruella de Ville. Someone get her a shock of white hair. Tout de suite!

  27. TexasSnow Says:

    Darling Robert was SUCH a favorite and I was SOOO thrilled when I saw that luscious turquoise fabric. Unfortunately he lost his gumptions and put the Divine Jackie in a wrinkly gunny sack with a ROPE of all things. One more week, Robert, my precious!! Please find your manhood somewhere so we can ditch Angela!

  28. stori lundi Says:

    I’m surprised that no one mentioned Uli’s dress for Diana Ross. Again, an amazing combination of patterns but it was given little air time. I also thought the judges were too hard on the Twiggy dress. Yes, the man is neurotic, but it was cute and very 70s revival. .I am probably in the minority that I didn’t like Kayne’s dress. It was too gothy for Marilyn and blondes never look good in that color green. Michael’s was “da bomb” and just rocked Pam Grier.

  29. twistygirl Says:

    The Twistygirl’s love and admiration for the superfantastic Michael grows with each week. He is perfect – talented, impeccible, kind, modest, and with a wonderful sense of humor. He plays and works well with others. Michael is my Secret Boyfriend!!!

    Poor Bradley not only didn’t seem to want to win PR enough, he didn’t seem to want to win at ALL. He sews worse than I did when I was in fourth grade.

  30. D.L. McNair Says:

    All I have to say about Bradley is, “How the heck can you be a clothing designer of any style and NOT know anything about Cher!?” That just boogles my mind! And then, there was absolutely no creativity at all in his outfit. *Shakes Head* I don’t understand.

    Praise be to the Almighty, Michael was finally recognized for the star that he is! I don’t know if he’ll win the contest (keeping my fingers crossed, I think Uli & Alison are his contenders) but I hope he stays in the show for a very long time. I loved Gothic Marilyn!!!!!

  31. VeddyVeddyBadAng Says:

    I think the lining of the Marilyn dress was actually nude, not green. I remember hearing him describe his fabrics, and I was expecting the judges to call it “tarty” or “vulgar”. I was a cool idea, but I thought it was a very unflattering fit across her rear end.

  32. Nicole Rene Says:

    The fit on the Monroe dress was horrible. Reminded me of that funky dress that Gweneth Paltrow wore a couple of years ago to some awards show which slips my mind. Too Goth to be modern Marilyn.

  33. Anonymous Says:

    I loved the boots for the madonna outfit and I can’t find where you can buy them anywhere! Any clues? I’ve looked at all the sites linked to sponsors of project runway…

  34. Andy Shoes Says:

    Ayyyy! We poor Canadian girls who get the delayed viewing of Project Runway. Episode 5 of Season 3 just aired here last night.

    Michael deserved to win. He has so much style and class – wow! And that outfit! Amazing is the only word for it. Angela produced something absolutely perfect, but I though Uli deserved more attention for her Diana Ross update. It was marvellous.

    But…what was Allison thinking? That brown and blue baby-doll thing was bordering on nasty. Robert designs better clothes for Barbie than Jackie-O. I know he is going home soon, but he had so much potential when this Season started – I’m disappointed.

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