Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is now up at the Express of the Washington Post, however, you may also read it here below.

Dear Manolo:

I’m searching for a light blue shoe in size 10. I need something dressy, sexy and classy. Thank you.


Manolo says, each week, the Manolo he receives many dozens of the e-mails from his friends asking the Manolo to help with their various shoe-based needs. There are the letters from the poor girls, the flat-feeted girls, the big-feeted girls, the lawyers and even from the police ladies, all asking the Manolo to assist them.

Often these letters are filled with the heartrending detail about the shoes that cannot be worn, and the budgets that cannot be stretched. Occasionally, however, the Manolo gets the brief letter, such as the one above, which, because it is so brief, is most difficult to answer.

For the example, what is the occasion that requires the light blue shoe? Only the knowledge of the proper context can tell the Manolo if it is the dressy, sexy, classy shoe that is actually needed here, rather than the sexy, classy, dressy shoe, or the classy, dressy, sexy shoe, which are the very different things.

However, the Manolo he will still attempt to answer the question, and thus here is the Evonne from the Imagine by Vince Camuto. The dressy, sexy, classy shoe in the light blue color.

Evonne from Imagine by Vince Camuto    Manolo Likes!  Click!