Project Runway 3, Week 7

Manolo says, this episode of the Project Runway, it had it all: the anger, the tears, the ladies of the certain size, the Micheal Kors and the mother of the Michael Kors in the Mommy-and-Me outfits!

Ayyyyyyyy! Such fun!

First, allow the Manolo to say, adieu, sweet Barbie Prince Bob. Yes, everything you made looked as if it was something you had just purchased down at the Ross Dress for Less, but you were still the nice guy and you had the big gym-made biceps.

Second, allow the Manolo to congratulate the crazy Vincent for designing what was the superior outfit of the evening. Even the better, Vincent turned out to be the mensch, the person who knew when it was appropriate to apologize and was not afraid to tell someone so. Yes, he is wound three turns too tight, but he is not the bad person.

Speaking of the bad person, the Manolo cannot help but think that the Jeffrey must have been the much more pleasant person as the junkie. Indeed, slumped against the wall in the heroin stupor would be infinately superior to the rude, angry, aggressive, petulant child he is sober.

And here the Manolo he is risking much scorn and anger from the recovering-addict-American community, but what can he do, there are those people who would simply be better company stoned.

The Jeffrey he does have the sympathy of the Manolo, as he is undoubtedly tormented in ways we cannot know, but this it is not the excuse for being abusive to someone’s mama.

As for the rest of this episode, the Manolo loved the mothers, this was the wonderful, stupdenous idea from the producers. Here, the Manolo thought, was the chance for these aspiring designers to dress the real, everyday woman in all of her glory. Brilliant!

There are few things that test the true ability of the designer than having to dress the woman who is not the skinny teenager with the protruding hip bones and the stick legs. Just ask Alison from the last week’s challenge.

The Manolo thought that the outfits produced by Michael and Uli were quite good, and that the Kayne did much better than the judges gave him credit for. Laura’s outfit made the Manolo think of something the executive secretary of the certain age would wear to the office, definitely not something to be worn on the cruise. As for the Jeffrey’s and Angela’s…ayyyyyyyy! Only in the mind of the Angela could the shaky-shaky fringe = Audrey Hepburn.

Finally, the Manolo loves, loves, loves the Joan Kors.

This woman she needs her own show on the Bravo Network: The Joan Kors Koffee Klatch. Just Joan sitting around drinking the coffee, chain smoking the Lucky Strikes, discussing whatever happens to be in her mind at that moment with whatever guest happens to drop by. The Manolo would definitely watch that.

P.S. The super fantastic Laura K. of the super fantastic Blogging the Project Runway, reminds the Manolo that this latest challenge, like at least two of the previous challenges, was first suggested and discussed by the very canny readers of the Blogging the Project Runway, long before the producers ever “thought” of them.

For the past several months the Manolo has considered the Blogging the Project Runway to be the single most important resource on the internets for the Project Runway television show, indeed, it is far more important and informative than the filled with fluff and nonsense website of the Bravo. (The Manolo only goes to the Bravo site to hear the Tim Gunn’s podcasts.)

If you love the Project Runway you should be reading the Blogging the Project Runway.