Project Runway 3, Week 8

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, Paris and the Project Runway? C’est Magnifique!


Ayyyy! Let the Manolo be the first to say that this is not the possee that the Manolo would want to take with him to the Ibiza. The Manolo usually associates with the better class of drama queens, airheads, recovering junkies, and befuddled old men.

But, one must “make it work” and so this motley crew went at their appointed task with the vengeance, producing the outfits that were mostly fit for wearing to the Salvation Army, where they could then be exchanged for something more stylish and au courant.

For the example, the Ulli was ready to jet set it out the back door and onto the Magic Bus for the mystical journey to the Humboldt County with the Manson Family. Very 2006, that.

And at this point the Manolo thought…One. Trick. My. Pretty. Psychedelic. Pony.

Then there was the “costume” produced by the Kayne, the costume which the Tim described as “too much Elvis”.

To which the Manolo immediately replied, there is no such things as the too much Elvis. It is impossible to have too much Elvis!

In the fact, the Manolo is of the opinion that the world needs more of the Elvis. Fat Elvis, Thin Elvis, Young Elvis, Old Elvis, Elvis giving away the pink Cadillacs to the strangers, Elvis treating his friends to the fried peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwiches, Elvis spreading joy like glitter everywhere he goes!

Yes, we now mock the Elvis for his fashion choices, but we forget that Elvis was always of the moment, and that even when he appeared in the be-rhinestoned jumpsuits he was representing the pure and distilled essence of the 1970s show business.

The problem with the outfit of the Kayne was indeed not too much of the Elvis, it was too much cheap Elvis.

Of the course, the worst of the worst was the outfit produced by the Angela, who combined so many awful elements that the Manolo fully expected the very Earth to open up, rent asunder by the rift in the space-time continuum caused by the concentration of too much crap, and swallow her down to Hell.

Sadly, we who were offended had to be satisfied with the Angela being sent away, although not as one would have hoped covered in the tar and feathers.

Laura produced something that looked good, although not something the Manolo would have thought was for the travelling. And the Vincent made the outfit that the Manolo himself would have worn, but only if it were correctly tailored and the jersey made from the triple cashmere.

And when the Michael Kors criticized this outfit for being too basic and boring, the Manolo thought that undoubtedly the Kors believed it could have been greatly enlivened with the addition of the basic black blazer, which could never be removed, and which would also look good on one’s mother.

As for the winner, Jeffrey, the Manolo asks you, did we not see this very outfit on the Mick Jagger in the year 1990? Although, the Manolo doubts that the Mick would have been so silly as to have called conspicuous attention to the lack of bulge in his crotch.

Again, it was the Michael who impressed the Manolo most. Not because it was to his exact taste, but because he took something the Manolo despises–the baggy goth parachute pants with the superfluous external straps– and made them into something the Manolo can almost tolerate, simply by making them out of the seersucker. This was the most amusing and impressive display of wit, and it worked.


40 Responses to “Project Runway 3, Week 8”

  1. Style Graduate Says:

    Hi Manolo, did you know that the new Carnivale is up at Pursed Lips?

  2. tommytimp Says:

    I have to say I thought everyone designed to their style, which didn’t always say “jetsetter,” but there you go. Laura can sew herself some clothes, can’t she? I was torn between Michael and Jeffrey, because they both made it work. Jeffrey’s outfit was pefect anorexic rock-star chic. Michael’s was hood to the Hamptons. Both worked.

  3. Gemdiva Says:

    As usual the Manolo has placed the hammer squarely on the head of the nail. His observations are most astute. Now, the Gemdiva she wonders whoever will Jeffrey abuse for his amusement now that the Angela is gone? Maybe he can just pass the time by playing with his rhinestones.

  4. Christina Jones Says:

    Ha ha ha – your take on Vincent was just the same as mine. How can Michael Kors get away with calling basic black boring? I was pretty amazed that Vincent could come up with as good a looking a pair of pants as he did in a day, never having done it before. I was sure worried for Kayne at the end, seeing as PR seems to like to keep the troublemakers on board way past their due time to go. Thankfully they did the right thing this time, IMO, of course.

  5. Tammy Says:

    Ditto on Michael. He “made it work” again. However, I think they all did show their own personal style, even if it wasn’t a style that pleased the judges.

  6. Suma Says:

    What amazed me was that even after Tim clearly expressed his worries about both Angela’s and Kayne’s outfits, they still went about doing exactly what he told them not to do. Angela’s “rosettes” have always been her most ugly accessory and one that the judges have pointed out again and again as being quite ridiculous-looking, yet she insisted on sticking them on her arse (of all places). And linen? Even if she’s never gone anywhere, she should know her fabrics and which ones to use when. And Kayne…oh, dear sweet Kayne…someone needs to give that poor boy an injection of testosterone or something because he’s heading down a slippery slope of bad taste. On the other hand, you have my favorite of favorites, Michael, who accepted that Tim didn’t like the idea of a blazer and made the shirt that was suggested to him. A true test of character is how one can take critique, and this couldn’t be truer in the case of these 3 designers.

    I did (oddly) like Jeffrey’s creation, as it was so…him! He got the jet-setting rocker thing down and I was very impressed as it did look expensive (I think Heidi pointed that out). Even Vincent looked quite dapper…he just needs a heavy dose of confidence.

    To answer GemDiva: I think Jeffery will turn his unwanted attention to either Laura or Kayne, both of whom he doesn’t really dig. You can be sure that more (unneccessary) drama will ensue.

  7. Lisa Says:

    Every week the Lisa falls more and more in love with the Michael. He is the perfection.

    Au revoir, Angela! Don’t let the door hit you where the rosette split you!

  8. Gorgeous Things Says:

    “…the Manolo fully expected the very Earth to open up, rent asunder by the rift in the space-time continuum caused by the concentration of too much crap, and swallow her down to Hell.”

    I can just hear the opening strains of Don Giovanni now – The Commendatore’s statue (Michael Kors sans bronzer) grasps her hand and casts her into the flames! Farewell fleurchons. You will not be missed.

  9. Rachel Says:

    Yes, yes, yes to the seersucker–there is not enough of it in this world–and ditto on the dopey extraneous straps. There was absolutely nothing right with Angela’s outfit, but as soon as I saw those rosettes I wished for interactive TV so that I could bitch slap her.

  10. olivia Says:

    OMG Angela’s outfit was not only awful it vindicated Jeff’s criticism of her. While I liked Jeff’s garment and especially the ‘leather-look’ jacket (which was awesome!) I found the pants to have been overdone.

    Like yourself, I thought Michael’s garment was best and hoped that one of the ladies had designed something in pants for a woman.

  11. Fatfashionista Says:

    Captain Save a Ho in seersucker going to the Hamtons made me giggle. I love Michael and think he should win every week. Please notice his smile of happiness for the Junkie Jeff. A true Southern gentleman in every way. And Rachel, when you get this television, please whack her one for me as well.

  12. Miz Shoes Says:

    Kayne made a NikNik Shirt by way of Fat Elvis.

    Jeffrey made something that you could buy at any old Hot Topics Gay Bondage Store. The bead-dazzled skull and crossbones! Who would ever have imagined such a thing! Quelle Nouvelle!

    Miz Shoes, she just wishes that she could make that French noise of disdain. Phou.

  13. Sara Bellum Says:

    I thought Jeff’s jacket construction was off, didn’t anyone else notice the puckering on the lapel and the back? And yikes on the bling on the unmentionable area. I wouldn’t want to be behind him at JFK.

    And skull stuff is everywhere right now… but still. BTW, do you think he used a sock from the Macy’s accessory wall? Eek.

    And the Angela needs to know that rosettes belong on a quilt, not clothing.

  14. Gigi Says:

    I think Jeffrey The Terrible will turn his attentions to Laura. I will delight in watching her rip his head off with one well-manicured hand while eating one of her nanny’s delicious brownies with the other. Fun!

  15. Miss Janey Says:

    Je ne regrette pas Angela’s departure… her mewling, whiny voice will not be missed. Her clothes were just awful. The knee length shorts adorned with her trademark flower-ettes were ridiculous and unflattering, making her butt look like it should have an “Oversized” sign tacked to it. What woman would do that to herself? Moreover, Angela, you half-wit, what do you THINK a jet setter IS? We understand you’re removed from civilization out on the farm, but surely you must have some notion of what a JET SETTER is, and what one would wear? Jackie Kennedy Onassis, any movie star from the 50s… Not ringing any bells? Because NONE of them would be caught kidnapped in your rumpled, baggy over-ruffled top and wide load shorts. Did it add insult to injury that instead of being Auf’ed by Heidi you were Au revoired by Catherine Maladrino, who you stated you so admired? Well, sorry, but you kinda had that comin’. Back to the farm, girl, and trouble the small screen no more with your crafty, puffy clothing.

    Could Jeffrey have been more pleased? Not only was his whiny nemesis booted, he actually won. It was a difficult pill fro Miss Janey to swallow, seeing Jeffrey win, since she despises him. She has to admit, though, his design was perfectly suited to him. Just because she wouldn’t take a seat next to him on a plane, doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate that somewhere beneath his filthy exterior lurks a bit of talent.

    Kayne, you’re just so tacky, sweetie. On a personal level, that’s completely OK. Miss J has lived in her share o’ trailers, and she understands how that tackiness will always be a part of you. It sticks like gum in your bouffant after a night of hard drinkin’ and must be fought at every turn lest it re-emerge stronger than ever. Miss J would take you as her Gay Boyfriend in a Mississippi minute! You could be Will to her Grace, or, more likely, Jack to her chemically altered Karen. The times we’d have! We could give each other facials, play make-over with glitter eye shadow, and spoon each other to sleep. And Mr. Janey wouldn’t mind at all. Together, with Cher playing on the hi-fi, we could get lip sync around the room while dressing for Cotillion, then give each other the head-to-toe, and sniff, “Girl, that’s just s little too white trash,” and make each other change outfits til we each got it just right. But honey, that’s just Miss Janey’s pipe dream. She’s not on-set to protect you from your inner trailer. So the next time Mr. Gunn warns you that you’re veering onto Tasteless Lane, you’d best heed the call. Because next week- it’s you or Vincent, you know? And please, Miss J CAN’T tolerate him over you. Ever. So personally, feel free to be as tacky as you want. But professionally, fight that demon, son.

  16. Ginger Says:

    As FF-onista writes: “Please notice his smile of happiness for the Junkie Jeff.” Yes!

    In comparison: Please recall Jeff’s conspicuous lack of happy when tables have been turned. In those moments when, as Jeffrey might say, “God was drunk” and he did not win, an obvious pout or grudge plastered his face.

    This Jeffrey…. he’s not such a nice humen, eh? Pretty much a petulant child with an excuse-making mother and a tremendously misplaced chip on his shoulder. Talent? Probably. Maturity? Nope. Common decency? Not that TV viewers can see.

    It’s a shame, really. Bourgeoisie gone bad. (As an aside: I’ve noticed this condition often involves regrettable tatoos. Why do we think that is?)

    Here’s hoping JunkieJeff grows up or gets the boot before we’re down to four….

  17. Lorraine Says:

    I only wish the Angela could have managed not to refrain from a truly hideous outfit for one more week only because I so didn’t want the horrible and very evil Jeffrey to have the satisfaction of seeing her leave first. I wish his horribly derivative stupid bedazzled crotch outfit had sagged at the butt, thus proving it’s utter unworthiness for travel.

    I heart the Michael, now more than ever. And the Laura, because she is the Laura and she looks so elegant at all times, even with her 6th baby belly and yet she freely calls the Jeffrey as she sees him, the word “a**hole” tripping blithely from her perfectly colored lips.

  18. The Diva Says:

    Just to respond to Sara B.’s note about the shoddy construction of Jeffrey’s jacket: I fully agree, and despite the understated almost-elegance of Vincent’s v-neck and pants (he really is to be commended for whipping those up in such a short amount of time) I do have to note that his fabric choice was poor, particualry for the top. The Manolo calls for a triple cashmere, and I fully agree. Otherwise, it was clearly a poorly-fitted top with selvages showing and some unnecessary bunching. And can you imagine flying in a heather-knit? 5 hours of scratchy, and First Class can’t do the First Thing about it.

  19. Joan Says:

    Manolo, you have voiced the thought that popped into my own head on seeing Vincent’s sweater: if that were cashmere, it would be perfect.

    I thought Jeffrey’s outfit was just as tacky as Kayne’s, only in a different way. No one needs bling on their crotch. No one.

    The bonus videos for this episode were priceless. Jeffrey’s little “film” the Search for Fleurchamps or whatever he called it, was absolutely hysterical even if the audio was a bit muffled in spots. Goodbye, Angela, I’m sure you’ll be successful, because there are many crazy-like-you people out there. I’m pretty sure the other designers are happy to be rid of her — I was surprised by how brutal Uli was to her in one of the bonus videos! And Uli always seems so sweet on camera.

  20. oh navel Says:

    Catherine Maladrino should be a judge every week. Really. The “Angela you are from another planet” and “you look ridiculous” delivered with zee sneering tone were priceless moments.

  21. v2m3 Says:

    While I had little love for Angela or her “rosettes”, I simply despise Jeffrey for his unnecessarily nasty post auf comments about her. Michael was clearly the winner, if not for any other reason than that disgusting embellished “zipper” made me want to have a shower. It was prepsterous! And somehow, the skinny jeans only served to make Jeffrey’s pointy little head appear even smaller.

    Jeffrey is a loathsome, arrogant, unfunny thick-necked jerk and he is the person I would least like to share a seat next to on a transatlantic flight.

    How I will enjoy the day when Jeffrey is back living on the streets, strung out on dope, gnawing on the porkchop his mother tied around his overly thick neck to get the dog to play with him.

  22. B in P Says:

    From Miz Shoes:

    “Jeffrey made something that you could buy at any old Hot Topics Gay Bondage Store. The bead-dazzled skull and crossbones! Who would ever have imagined such a thing! Quelle Nouvelle!”

    Say on, sister!

    When Jeffrey was asked “Where are you going?” in reference to his outfit and he responded “Isn’t it obvious?”, I fully expected Michael Kors to ask:

    “Hot Topic?”

    or perhaps:

    “Tower Records to feed your emo habit?”

    Was my wife the only one who caught that Laura looked suspiciously like a lantern-jawed Ginger from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ in her peach dress? At least the pointy sternum was adequately covered.

    I wonder what the sweet/dull Robert would have produced for this challenge? Probably would have involved a rope belt and lots of beige. I envision him in a full Don Johnson/Sonny Crocket ensemble for some reason.

  23. Moi ;) Says:

    Oh, Manolo, and they say *I* am hard on Angela, LOL – I bow to you. I am but a mere speck…..

  24. Elvira Says:

    The Manolo made me laugh when he spoke the truth about there not being enough Elvis in the world.

    As for Angela, when I saw her outfit, I began humming the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies. Supposedly, she has traveled in Europe. And they do have television and magazines and the Internet in the wilds of most remote rural Ohio. So I did not believe her silly affectation of naivete. She was being willfully clueless.

  25. Irene Done Says:

    I love the fact that Uli thinks her dress designs are hip and jet-setting because you can “get vaysted” in them. This is evidently a big selling point for her. And it makes me wonder if I’ve spent my life choosing clothes based on all the wrong criteria.

  26. v2m3 Says:

    I forgot to ask if anyone else impressed with Michael’s modeling lesson for Kayne? It thiink it was wonderful how Michael helped Kayne with some modeling tips.

  27. B in P Says:


    Michael consistently impresses me with his graciousness and respect for others. And he’s a pretty fine talent to boot. It took he and Laura to Tame the Rosettes of Angela (how’s that for the title of a romance novel?) and produce a respectable winning outfit for the girl on the go in The Booting of Keith episode (hey, another good title for a romance novel!).

    I’m going to go write a romance novel now.

  28. VeddyVeddyBadAng Says:

    As much as I thought Jeffrey’s outfit probably deserved to be the winner (it was such a close tie with Michael, but I suppose Michael can’t win all the challenges), his snotty, sore winner attitude afterwards totally ruined the outfit for me. Ugh, he really was acting like such an adolescent punk-ass teenager!

    And I guess I feel for Angela in a way (you know, since she’s from Ohio and has the name Angela). If there’s one thing I can’t stand, its the condescending, snobby attitude that many east-west-coast-city-people have towards us “bumpkins” from the rural midwest. So when I see an arrogant LA hipster bagging on someone from “my neck of the woods”, I automatically want to take her side, whether she deserves it or not. So it’s too bad she had to leave on the same day that Jeffrey had his glorious victory. I thought maybe winning would make him more gracious, but I guess not.

  29. Kate Says:

    Manolo, you are priceless.

    Firstly, I am from Humboldt County and want to defend my county. I am an avid Manolo and Project Runway fan and there are more of me out here among the redwoods! (Even though the number of Birkenstocks and Crocs would make The Manolo faint.) But Uli dress indeed would fit in most admirably among the Humboldt Hippies. Yeeugh!

    I loved Michael’s. His tailoring was far superior to Jeffrey’s puckery seams and his outfit was, as always, very thoughtful and appropriate. I think they couldn’t give Michael three wins, especially since he’s bound to take it all. (I’m knocking on wood as I type.)

    Thank you for bringing some fabulous fashion snark into my redwooded life. You’ve got fans in the most unlikely places, Manolo!

  30. twistygirl Says:

    First the Twistygirl must say she was very disappointed that the ‘hip international jet-setters” the designers were to outfit this week were not the very trendy and fabulous Snakes on The Plane.

    Michael is my weekly ray of Wednesday Night Sunshine and I love him more and more each week. My dream now goes beyond merely marrying him, I also want to accompany him on his trip to the Hamptons with P. Diddy. And I don’t even like Mr. Diddy.

    Jeffrey’s crotch looked like he had glued a bunch of Chrome Hearts jewelry to it.
    Twistygirl knows a lot of rock stars and only the most pathetic and pretentious of them would dress themselves like that off-stage. Go home, Jeffrey, before I have to hunt you down and smack your little pin head.

  31. CK Says:

    My only regret about Angela’s loss is that we are sure to hear Jeffrey gloat about it until he finally departs (which should be either next week or the week after by my calculations, depending on whether Vincent pulls out The Crazy next week).

    While Michael is clearly a lovely, talented human being and his momma should be very proud, for the first time I cannot say that I was a huge fan of his design. The dangly strips on the pants would have been picked apart by the judges had Angela or Vincent done it and the shirt looked bunchy and ill-fitting. But I shall mark this down to my Northern White Girl taste vs. Atlanta hip-hop taste and forgive him, for he is truly a gentleman.

    As an aside, I second Kate’s point above. As a resident of the Great White North, the condescending attitude from more urban folks is silly and overdone. Your self-importance is unbecoming, city-folk.

  32. Jezebella Says:

    Not that I am a huge fan of Angela, but perhaps she got confused about who qualifies as a “jet-setter.” Her outfit looked like something La Lindsey Lohan would wear, or one of her lookalikes. It is of course not a *classy* jet-setter look – not a Kennedy or Hepburn (tall or short), but it is a celebutante kind of look. It was more interesting than Laura’s, at any rate.

  33. lynne Says:

    hmm. interesting views the manolo shares. but in the lynnes opinion the laura is also the one trick pony desigining only the clothes the ice queen herself would wear. the lynne however loves uli and michaels designs. all of them. and them as the people, they seem very sweet and genuine. and the jeffery. indeed he is an ass. but a funny one. who undoubtedly has talent. the lynne aplauds him for his drug recovery but grows sick of hearing about that and angelas mom. in the end it is all up to the judges who stays and who is aufed…but if the lynne had a say it would be uli as the winner.

  34. VJ Says:

    As usual The Manolo has stolen my thoughts and put them to paper, er, screen. Kayne is a glorious colorful character who, even when designing an Elvis-in-Trailer-Trash-Land outfit, is someone I will root for ’till the end.

    Michael is priceless and such a huggy bear. We all know he can design. But he also walks the WALK! I defy anyone not to LOVE that scene where he is teaching Kayne to strut his stuff on the runway. If Michael wins I will not be unhappy.

    And Laura. What an alpha bitch, and I say this with all due respect. She’s at the top of the heap, leader of the pack, head of the class, first chosen on the team, the magna cum laude of self-confident, self-assured, talented, edgy, forward-looking women. Laura, will you bear my children?

    Uli has become predictable, and she’s been playing it safe. She needs to design out of her comfort zone to convince me.

    Vincent and Jeffrey? Oh, puhlease! ‘Nuff said.

  35. Cesar Says:

    Vincent is bashed by many, but he’s growing on me. OK, so he’s a little nutty but he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously, which is refreshing. His outfit was timeless, elegant and comfortable travelwear, if a little basic. Michael’s outfit was my favorite–a laid-back outfit with a stylish twist. Jeffrey’s look was definitely trying too hard but it would be perfect stagewear for an aging rocker.

  36. leiarenee Says:

    As a fellow Midwesterner, I found Angela’s insistance that she is a bumpkin far more troubling than anyone’s attitude towards her. She unfortunately believes that living in rural Ohio means she has to use quilting and applique techniqes in every garment. Maybe a little more time spent on making sure her top covered her bra and a little less time on garishly folksy embellishments (was it me, or were the straps even made from those repulsive “fluerschons”?) would have delayed her departure.

  37. [email protected] Says:

    Angela was on the show far too long for someone with so little taste. At least she had her napsack with her so she could jet auf to the hobbit.
    I liked Michael more when I thought he was gay. But I still like him.
    Vincent’s was what I would choose, in cashmere, with a blazer.
    Laura will be dueling with Jeffery next as she is the lock jawed Ginger from Long Island
    You need Jeffery people there is no plot without conflict. boo hiss!
    Uli going to margaretia ville.

  38. La Gémelle Says:

    Of the course, Michael shall be (had better be!) the winner because not only is he the most creative designer, but also he possesses one vitally important trait: A definite and specific point of view. Of all those designers who imagined themselves as jetsetters, Michael was the most specific, mentioning the Hamptons and P Diddy and a summertime bash. He then manifested his vision in an outfit that perfectly expressed his mental images.

    In the challenges he won, it was Michael’s vividly distinct and detailed point of view that grabbed the judges’ attention, as much as his design and craft. In the humble opinion of La Gémelle…

  39. AntiAngela Says:

    Good Gawd! That Angelea proved to be even crazier than Vincent! And did my eyes deceive me or were there seam or lines looking like one big asterisk coming out of the butt seam on those atrocious pants? And speaking of atrocious, Jefferey’s hideous crotch detailing made me GAGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. faouz raoui Says:

    i love your blog

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