Project Runway 3, Week 6

Manolo says, poor Alison, sent away for the crime of making her model look like the Ivanka Trump.

Yes, Alison’s outfit was the monstrosity, although it was certainly not worse than the terrible tinfoil fairy costume of the Kayne. But the Kayne with his stereotypically bitchy-flamboyant personality and the panicky Vincent, always on the verge of blowing the fuse, are “good television” and so the sweet and unoffensive, vanilla-flavored Allison was dumped. Do not worry, she is talented and nice and knows how to make the clothes, so she will be fine.

As for the top finishers, Michael, Jeffrey, and Laura, each was quite good, although once again, it was the Michael who stood out and deserved to win. His outfit it was beautiful and original and completely wearable, indeed it was the sort of thing that could be worn to the royal wedding…well, perhaps for one of the minor nobles, like one of Prince Michael’s childrens.

Likewise, Jeffrey proved himself to be the Master of the Trash with his marvelous and innovative dress. And where did that come from? To this point he has shown so little of the talent that this outfit seemed to be sui generis, as if it had emerged fully formed from his neck tattoo.

As for the Laura, Manolo is now convinced that this finish, third place, it is the best the Laura can hope for. Her dress was elegant, simple, and beautiful, but as always derivative. Yes, the dress was made out of the peanut sacks, but still we have seen this dress somewhere before. And this is the problem. She has impeccable taste, but her talent as the designer, it is to make beautiful tasteful objects that seem powerfully familiar. Because of this, she will be hard pressed to win the competition.

Of the course, the Laura, she is also turning out to be the prize bitch, one cannot keep her pie hole shut when she should. But because she is also very smart the Manolo believes that this behavior is partly calculated, but only partly.

As for the others: Robert appears to the Manolo to be sinking under the weight of his own despondency; Uli, the Little German Engine that Could, chugs along, able to make the flowing, shapless hippy dress even when given nothing more than the mound of shiny garbage; and Angela, meh. She needs to turn up the evil if she hopes to stay longer than her talent would justify.

Meanwhile, the returned Michael Kors continues to delight us with his scathing wit and catty bon mots. Indeed, the Manolo is now looking for the opportunity to work the phrase “looks like the paper brioche” into his everyday conversation.

And then there is Nina. Nina, Nina, Nina. So beautiful, so bitchy, so mean.

Nina, the Manolo feels this great and unaccountable affection for you. He would love to have the intimate lunch with you. The Manolo shall order the poached salmon and the green salad, you shall have the extra rare steak with the tumbler of scotch and the side order of bile. Such fun!

As for the guest judge, Rachel Zoe, all the Manolo can say is that she would have been the good choice last year, before she was over.

Offbeat Journal

Manolo says, look the Manolo’s humble shoe blog it has been mentioned in passing in the article at the Cnet News about the Chicago Manual of Style going on the line.

More and more glossy monthlies have been making the big leap to the Web. And now, finally, is their bible of style.

No, not fashion style; you can find plenty of glam gospel online, especially if you’re into offbeat journals like Manolo’s Shoe Blog. I’m referring to copy style. Spelling, citation, punctuation, hyphenation, jargon, libel–all the things nerdy editors like myself try to keep a close eye on.

Offbeat? Perhaps, after all, it is not the secret that what the Manolo does here is very different.


Golden Chanel Sandals

Chanel gold leather ankle strap sandals   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, now here are the pair of the golden Chanel sandals that are very much worth the wearing.


Lohan Horrors

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! These golden gladiator thong things from the Chanel, they are the first time the Manolo has ever seen the sandals with cankles.

Via the Popsugar who has rightly called the shoes “hideous”.

What The Manolo Is…

Manolo says, it is Tuesday, time to see what the Manolo is…




Listening to…

It is with some trepidation that the Manolo begins the latest of the Umberto Eco novels.

As was the case with the previous one the Manolo he has had to enforce the year long period of cooling off following the publication, during which the Manolo has had to steel his nerves for the ordeal which would follow (and this one has the pictures!).

And, yet, despite this trepidation, the Manolo he is the undoubted and ardent fan of the Eco.


Flats for the Fall

Skate by Cynthia Rowley    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here are the pair of the simple, classic Cynthia Rowley flats that the Manolo finds most attractive.

These they are perhaps something you might wear with the light sweater and the a-line skirt that would twirl about you fetchingly as that handsome blonde man spins you across the floor for the last dance of the summer.

The White Shoes

Manolo says, the end of the summer it is fast approaching, and once again the Manolo he will be soon be required, as he always is, to opine upon the issue of the white shoes after the Day of Labor.

However, in the meantime, let the Manolo say that there is one moment when the white shoes they are always appropriate…

P.S. Ayyyyy! The YouTube it is now not working.


Old Fools in Red

Manolo says, look! They are both still “alive”.

Reel Clothes!

Manolo says, the Manolo he has just discovered the Reel Clothes, the place where you can buy the actual clothes used in the actual movies.

Look! It is the Pam Anderson’s shoes !

And the Kevin Spacey’s toupee!

P.S. Many thanks to the City Rag for this.


Manolo the Columnist

Manolo says, the latest column of the Manolo it is available at the website of the Express of the Washington Post. Today’s topic it is the shoes for the poor librarian.

Dear Manolo,

I work in a library, so flats or small heels are the best. The one problem is that I have super fantastic shoe aspirations on a flip-flop budget. While I am saving up, are there any minorly fantastic shoes for me?


Manolo says, the librarians they are so smart, knowing that even if you are the poor girl you must save the moneys so that you can purchase the most super fantastic shoes.

Of the course, even while they are saving the moneys the librarians they must have the shoes, as they cannot go barefeeted. No one wishes to see the toes while searching the stacks. It is distracting.

Yes, they could perhaps construct their own super fantastic shoes out of the pieces of the old card catalogs and the library paste, although, unless the librarians are as gifted as the Manolo in the fine art of improvisational cobbling the results they may not be pleasing.

This it is why the Manolo he would recommend for the fall, the pair of the low heeled boots from the Franco Sarto as being the shoes that are both attractive and attractively priced. Would they not look good with the right skirt, something for that moment when the horn-rimmed glasses are removed and the hair is undone?

Esquire by Franco Sarto    Manolo Likes!  Click!

The Next Carnivale of the Couture

Manolo says, the Gloria at the <3 Live, <3 Style blog she has posted the topic for the very next Carnivale of the Couture.

Have you ever worn or not worn a certain something that was probably not the smartest thing to do but you did it anyway because of the sake of fashion? Or being horribly embarassed? You did something fashion-associated that probably wasn’t practical and was punished in some way [suffering consequences by be it Mother Nature, or something or someone else]. Tell me your story!


Project Runway 3, Week 5

Manolo says, behold the fashion icon!

Yes, the Cher she was the odd choice for the fashion icon, but otherwise, the Manolo he loved this challenge!

It was such the pleasant change from the previous challenge which involved, as the Manolo remembers it, making the polyester twin-sets for the Wal-Mart.

The results of this week, they did not disappoint, as the Michael Knight, who is the Manolo’s official favorite, was the winner. The Manolo he cannot heap enough of the praise on the Michael, who is talented, smart, gracious, kind, humble, and yet confident enough in his own abilites. He even loves his mama! Such the nice young man.

And, his outfit with the hot pants, it was the best by far.

Likewise, the hippy drippy stoner Bradley deserved to be sent away, if for no other reason than not knowing anything about the Cher and her “style”.

This it was also the week during which others things became apparent and official:

Vincent has no talent, except for the panic and the self-sabotage. Ayyyyyyy, this man, he needs to go away.

Barbie Boy Robert has no imagination, not even for something so obvious as to how to dress the Jackie O. Yes, perhaps he can sew, but his designs are blah, blah, blah. The rope belt on his jacket…please, do not make the Manolo comment upon such things.

Jeffery would be nothing without the gimmick of the aggressive neck tattoo. He is the whiner who does not even have the talent to start the good fight in the sewing room. Even the Madonna, who has worn many stupid things, would not have worn his outfit.

Angela, who only wishes to be loved in her own egomaniacally selfish and destructive way, is smart enough to have learned from her previous mistakes. Angela + Audrey Hepburn it should equal disaster, but oddly it did not. Perhaps it was the brief contact last week with the Laura and the Michael.

Speaking of the Laura, the Manolo is now waiting for her to show up one day in the coat made from the fur of the 101 dalmatians.

Of the course, the best news of the week was that the Michael Kors he has returned! Finally, we were given the weekly dose of the high-quality snark which our fragile systems and this show so desperately require.