Non-Fan Mail for the Manolo

Manolo says, yes, it is true, there are those who do not like the Manolo, for the example this disgruntled comment was left earlier today.

I do not like the Manolo. Manolo talks about the superfantastic women with the superfantastic shoes. What about all of us who are not superfantastic? What about the homely, the geek, and like myself the bald.

We see not the advice to the homely and the bald. Why Manolo, why Manolo? Is it because the Manolo is a snob, a dilettante? Why not does the Manolo talk about the Birkenstock, the white Chuck Taylor Converse Hi-Tops? Is the Manolo not good enough for the $19.99 Wal-mart sneaker?

Inquiring minds want to know the mind of Manolo

Normally, the Manolo he does not like to respond to such complaints, as it is the Panglossian policy of the Manolo to always look upon the bright side, but here the Manolo must protest. He is not the snob, far from it.

Look here is the Manolo on being bald.

Also, the Manolo he would point out that the bald womens they can indeed be most super fantastic!

And here is the Manolo praising the Chucks.

Trust the Manolo this faddish version of the classic shoes, it will shortly fade, leaving the Chucks to stand alone as the monument to timelessness they have always been.

Indeed the Manolo is the great fan of the Chuck Taylors, and has on the occasion been known to wear his old school pair to the “sock hop”.

As for the Manolo’s opinion of the Birkenstocks, it is very well known: they are ugly and should not be worn.

Yes, the Manolo must agree with his correspondent, emphatically, he does not like the $19.99 Wal-Mart shoes.

But this loathing for the Wal-Mart shoes is not because of the price, it is because such shoes are cheaply made, by the poor workers of the sweatshops, out of the leather in which you would not clothe your family hog. Such awful and cheap shoes do not fit properly, fall to pieces quickly, and damage your feets, this in addition to simply being ugly and unstylish.

As the Manolo has often pointed out, the super fantastic girl she should never wear the cheap shoes.

Finally, the Manolo he must assume that his internet-friend-to-be has simply not been the regular reader of the Manolo’s humble shoe blog, for if she had been, she would have known that the Manolo believes that anyone can become super fantastic!


Project Runway 3, Week 10

Manolo says, this week the producers of the Project Runway decided that it would be amusing to bring back the Angela and the Vincent for one more week to torment the other designers and to remind us why we were happy when these two lunatics were sent away in shame, not that they would have noticed, as both are so convinced of their own genius.

And now the Manolo will pretend that this never happened.

And so the five desginers who remain were set to the task of producing the black-and-white dress of the cocktails, only they had to use ALL of the fabric they purchased, as if this were your poor hillbilly granny, who survived the Great Depression in the Kentucky, and would never consider not using every piece of scrap in her “box of notions”.

Nothing says “sophistication” to the Manolo like the forced frugality.

But such is the crazy make-the-couture-in-two-days world in which our television friends reside.

So it was goodbye to our regal Queen Kayne, who when forced to “edit” himself, decided that the best way to do so was with the little black dress with the sneaker lacing up the back. Better if the Kayne had stayed true to himself and made the crazy-sexy, spangly black-and-white pageant cocktail gown, all decolletage and rhinestones with the long train.

Jeffrey produced the design he described as “hip and young”, yes, maybe if this is the 1983 and you are the Jennifer Beals. Michel Kors keeps seeing the Gwen Steffani. The Manolo keeps seeing Rosanne Arquette in the Desperately Seeking Susan.

Uli…boring…boring…boring. You know it is almost over when the judges begin to viciously mock your accent. What next the tomatoes and the rotten eggs?

Michael produced the very pretty dress, although the Manolo was not especially fond of the belt, which savored of the wickety-wack. But the girl worked it and thus Michael is almost certain to be one of the fashion week three.

Finally, the winner was the Laura, perhaps it was the pregnancy hormones talking, but the Manolo has never seen anyone who seemed less able to take the criticism, and at that moment he was hoping that the producers had hidden from her all of the sharp objects.

Ayyyy! The Ice Queen, she has melted into the puddle of tears!

Although to the credit of the Laura, she did listen to what was said, and she benefited from it, producing one of the best things the Manolo has seen this season. Bravo!

Now it is on to the fashion week, where we will find that the final three are (and here the Manolo guesses) Michael, Laura, and Jeffrey, with the Uli as the decoy.