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More Hair of the Presidents

Manolo says, since yesterday many of the Manolo’s internet friends have been writing to the Manolo to inquire of his opinions of the various American President’s hairs, and so as to satisfy this curiosity, the Manolo presents here his list of the top ten heads of the Presidential hairs, with the brief comments.
Such Beautiful Hair!
1. Andrew Jackson — truly and indisputable magnificent hair. Hair so romantic and heroic that even the Beethoven would be jealous. And as one commentor has noted, it is very similar to the hair of the Alexander the Great. Enough said!

2. Thomas Jefferson — Strong red hair, of the sort that betrays the active and somewhat unconventional mind. Thick, wild and beautiful hair with which to scorn the false periwigs of Europe.

3. Ronald Reagan — Yes, at the end, perhaps there was too much of the Formula of the Grecians, but still it was the most magnificent Irishy hair. Even into his dotage he still had the hair.

4. John Kennedy — Youthful and appealing, and so carefully combed. Again, magnificent Irishy hair.

Frontier Hair
5. Bill Clinton — Important Southern Hair. Blow-dried and famously styled by the Mr. Christophe, so well that the Manolo must admit that $200 is the very reasonable price to pay to have such wonderful hair properly attended to.

6. Jimmy Carter — The First President to use the blow dryer, and to great effect. Important Southern Hair.

7. Abe Lincoln — The unruly and completely natural mop that appeared to be haphazardly cut with the garden shears and styled with the rake. But despite this, there is something that is appealing and strong about the hair of the Abe Lincoln, something that suggests the honesty (what else?) and disdain for the fancy ways. This it is the powerful frontier hair.
The Beautiful Hair of Chester A. Arthur
8. Chester A. Arthur — Short but with the marvelous wavy texture. And those mutton chops! Alone they are enough to make the ladies in the parlor swoon onto their fainting couches.

9. Teddy Roosevelt — Like the hair of the Chester A. Arthur, short but with the good texture and complemented by the magnficent facial hair.

10. Franklin Roosevelt — This is, as one of the Manolo’s friends has commented, Important Patrician Hair, of the type most frequently seen in the Greenwich or on the Main Line.