Manolo in the Fortune Magazine

Manolo says, speaking of the Crocs, the Manolo has been cited in the most recent issue of the Fortune Magazine.

As I obsessed about the sudden proliferation of Crocs, I realized that they are not so much a new category as the latest in a pantheon of ugly shoes that became a fashion phenomenon despite – or maybe because of – their bad looks.

Think Jellies, Earth shoes, Birkenstocks, and most recently Uggs, to name a few. (Remember the Ugg-boot with miniskirt look that swept through New York and L.A. and then everywhere else a few years back? No? Lucky you.)

“There’s a long tradition of the underground alternative ugly shoe thing that is a backlash to $600 Manolo Blahniks,” says David Wolfe, creative director for the Doneger Group, which analyzes fashion trends.

That tradition is a conundrum to those of us who think of shoes as exquisitely crafted, expensive torture devices. At a recent conference in Toronto, I was teetering along in a pair of beautiful three-inch Christian Louboutins, a heavy computer bag over my shoulder, and I have to admit I was eyeing the Crocs in front of me longingly.

But comfort be damned.

I’m with Manolo, of Manolo’s shoe blog (which has no official relationship to Manolo Blahnik), who has consigned both the Ugg and the Croc to his Gallery of Horrors, which he calls a “permanent exhibition of the worst of the shoes.”

Yes, at the moment the Crocs appear to have won the battle, but do not worry, the forces of good shall ultimately prevail!

P.S. Many thanks to the Nancy for alerting the Manolo to this.

Tim Gunn on the Crocs

Manolo says, quite obviously, the Tim Gunn does not like the Crocs.

Arlington, Va.:Tim, In what is, to me, a particularly distressing trend, I have seen many women (and quite a few men) wearing crocs in public. Is this truly acceptable? Is there some sort of fashion clearinghouse which decides on a whim that actions which would normally result in ostracization are instead cool and accepted? Tim, please offer your advice.

Tim Gunn: Ohhhhh… May I respond by merely saying, “I hate crocs. May they please go away.”

The Manolo could not have said it better.

Debtaunt Update

Manolo says, the long time readers of the Manolo know that Manolo’s internet friend the Debutaunt she has been fighting and winning the lengthy and difficult battle with the grave illness. Here is the latest update on her condition from her sister.

Hi Manolo,

I know that you have read some of Deb’s site over at Right now she’s trying to raise money for a walk she’s getting ready to do. She just got another clean biopsy and is still kicking cancer’s ass, and her goal now, besides kicking cancer’s ass, is to raise $1,000,000 to fight leukemia. I was wondering if you would post the address to her pledge page on your site to help with fundraising. It’s

Thank you for being super fantastic!


It is good news that the Debbie Debutaunt she is doing so well as to now be able to devote herself to ending this disease. Please consider helping her do this.