Debtaunt Update

Manolo says, the long time readers of the Manolo know that Manolo’s internet friend the Debutaunt she has been fighting and winning the lengthy and difficult battle with the grave illness. Here is the latest update on her condition from her sister.

Hi Manolo,

I know that you have read some of Deb’s site over at Right now she’s trying to raise money for a walk she’s getting ready to do. She just got another clean biopsy and is still kicking cancer’s ass, and her goal now, besides kicking cancer’s ass, is to raise $1,000,000 to fight leukemia. I was wondering if you would post the address to her pledge page on your site to help with fundraising. It’s

Thank you for being super fantastic!


It is good news that the Debbie Debutaunt she is doing so well as to now be able to devote herself to ending this disease. Please consider helping her do this.