Manolo at the Politics Central

Manolo says, the Manolo’s latest effort for the Politics Central is now available for the reading.

Manolo says, it is the well-known and widely admired policy of the Manolo to generally ignore the risible antics of the American political classes.

This it is not simply because the Manolo has the more important things to do with his time, such as wonder what has happened to his funky little fashion troll, but also because unmannerly behavior and rudeness of any sort are anathema to the Manolo.

Yet, there are the instances when the behavior of one politician or the other becomes so egregious that even the Manolo cannot happily ignore it.

Such is the case with the actions of the now-notorious congressional dumb-bell, Mark Foley, who was revealed this past week as having sent the lurid emails to the supple young pageboy, emails in which he apparently proposed acting out the key scenes to the 1987 movie the Dirty Dancing, with Foley offering to take the role played by the Patrick Swayze, with all of the star’s signature moisture.

You may read the whole thing at the Politics Central