Never teh Bride

Manolo for the Brides

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! The Manolo has been so busy this past week that he has let slip by the most important date, the one year anniversary of the most super fantastic Never teh Bride becoming the editor and blogger-in-the-chief of the Manolo for the Bride Blog.

In the opinion of the humble Shoeblogger, no one is as knowledgable or as enthusiastic about the weddings and the brides, and no one writes abouts such things as well, as intelligently, or with as much humor as the Never teh Bride.

She is quite simply the best at writing about the weddings today, which, considering there are several of the magazines and hundreds of the books devoted to this topic, makes this the not inconsiderable achievement.

So, the Manolo would now tell you to go to the Manolo for the Brides so that you may see that the good blogging is really just the good writing, and that the exceptionally smart and funny writers can make you interested in the most unlikely subjects.