Project Runway 3, Finale, Part One

Manolo says, ayyyyy, the Green Eyed Monster raises it’s red head, bringing the expensive Louis Vuitton luggage with it!

This complaint by the Laura against the Jeffrey was perhaps the most unseemly example of the rampant jealousy the Manolo has ever seen. To complain to Tim and the producers, like the crybaby, because your opponent’s garments are too good seems to the Manolo to be the acme of insecurity.

“Waaaaaah! Jeffrey’s clothes are better than mine, please disqualify him!”

Yes, the Manolo does not doubt that the Jeffrey’s final garments were finished to the higher degree of perfection than he had demonstrated during the regular competition. How could it be otherwise? The weekly challenges of the Project Runway are to be completed in the mere hours, while Jeffrey had two months to prepare his final garments.

This episode, it has greatly lowered the Manolo’s opinion of the Laura, and much worse, it has also diminished the Manolo’s enthusiasm for the Michael who went along with this unseemly accusing.

Also bothering the Manolo, was that this was the second time this season when the Tim publicly confronted the contestant with the accusation. Declassé… the Manolo would have hoped that such disciplinary actions would be taken in private, with only the Tim, the accused, and the cameras in attendence. Certainly this is how Tim would handle this as the academic dean at Parsons? But apparently such common sense things are not possible in the world of the reality television.

Aside from this needless controversy, what is there to say about this first part of the finale, other than that the Bravo TV is begining to seriously alienate the warm affections of the Manolo, if for no other reason than that they have been dribbling out these final episodes. The Fashion Week was more than the month ago, and the ardor the Manolo has felt for the Project Runway has begun to dim.

What is that the Manolo hears in the distance…the faint sounds of the shark preparing to be jumped?

Although, it is certainly not too late to restore this beloved show to its former glory. The Manolo demands that the producers ditch the senseless drama and petty gamesmanship and focus again on the manifest joys of making the fashion.