The Maestro

Manolo says, here is the marvelous New York Daily News article on the maestro di tutti maestri, the inimitable Manolo Blahnik.

So when Sofia Coppola needed a designer to re-create the period’s decadent shoes that were handed to the spoiled queen (Kirsten Dunst) on a posh pillow, she called on Blahnik.

Her film, “Marie Antoinette,” opening Oct. 20, is partly based on an Antonia Fraser biography of the queen that takes a particularly sympathetic tack, much like Manolo’s, on the subject.

Movie buff Blahnik started his homework by studying original 18th-century shoes in Paris. The Victoria and Albert museum in London gave him footwear that belonged to the French queen. “So I did some kind of a cross between academic and a little bit of fantasy,” he says.

But then, his shoes – especially the film’s, a collection of candy-colored heels embellished with ribbon and buttons and beads – are a fantasy.

“Indeed, that is the only thing I want to offer to people,” he says. “Of course, I’m like everybody else; I have to do black and brown shoes and a little bit of Mary Janes and satin, but my nature is kind of theatrical, simple and dramatic.”

Yet again, the Maestro proves why he is worthy of our adoration.