Happy Birthday!!!

Manolo shouts,

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to the Manolo’s Shoe Blog!!!!

Two years ago exactly today, the Manolo invented the shoe blog.

It was from the beginning, the intention of the Manolo to share with the world his love of the shoes, and the fashion, and the fun. And he has succeeded in this beyond his imagination, as he now has many thousands of internet friends who each day visit the shoe blog of the Manolo.

But it is not only the shoe blog of which the Manolo is proud. Indeed the Manolo is also filled with pride for his small network of blogs, and especially for the quality of the other writers who blog for him.

It is beyond argument that there are few bloggers anywhere who are as consistently funny, or write as well as Never teh Bride at the Manolo for the Brides, Izzy Gallant at the Manolo for the Men, or Mr. Henry at the Manolo’s Food Blog. If you are not reading these blogs you are missing some of the strongest writing on the internets.

What now lies ahead for the Manolo and his blogs?

There are things yet coming, dear friends, that will astound and amuse you.

Soon there will certainly be talk of the autobiography of the Manolo, Super Fantastic, the first chapters of which, after much delay, are now almost ready to be presented to the publishers.

Also, as you have perhaps noticed, the Manolo has already been writing his weekly column for the Express of the Washington Post, and the occasional pieces for the Politics Central, but it is likely that in the next month or two there will be other places where you may read the musings of the Manolo.

Of the course, the Manolo will always and forever be here at his first love, his humble shoe blog, showing his friends the pictures of the beautiful shoes, gently mocking the celebrities, and offering his advice to those in need.

Finally, and most importantly, the Manolo must thank you, his internet friends, for your attention, for your generosity, and above all for the love you have shown the Manolo. He is truly grateful for all that you have done for him.

Yes, Manolo loves the shoes, but it is doubly true that Manolo loves the readers!