Project Runway 3, Super Delayed Grande Finale

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! The it was the much delayed but mostly satisfying Bryant Park grande finale Project-Runway runway show, featuring the models who can’t walk, Tim Gunn verklempt again, and odious troglodytes in the audience!

The Manolo shouts, Congratulations to the Jeffrey! The Manolo thought that this was the right decision, as his final collection was not only beautiful in places, but also had the strong original point of view. Although, as usual, he himself dressed it the style which may best be described as “dissipated Rock-n-Roll hobbit”.

As for the rest, the Michael’s collection was the weakest, filled with the booty shorts and hoochy dresses made from the crazy patterns and over-the-top spangles, which it is too bad because the Manolo truly wanted the Michael to win as he is so sweet and had done such good work in the past.

The Laura, who is a) married to the ghost of Einstein, and is b) the far more petty and jealous person than the Manolo had first assumed, (“I’m not questioning your integrity, you filthy cheater…”) produced the absolutely beautiful clothes, which would not have looked out of place in the collection of the Oscar de la Renta, which was the problem, as it all seemed derivative. Yes, wonderfully derivative, but derivative nonetheless.

And the Uli did the Uli thing, beautifully, wonderfully, with a level of sophistication that was impressive, but it seemed limited in that they were ultimately clothes to be worn by the recent Palm Beach divorcees, with all that that implies. Sadly, there is something vaguely muumuu-ish about her work.

And now, what else is there left for the Manolo to say, other than that he is sad to see the Project Runway end, and that he eagerly awaits the return of this show. He also profoundly hopes that next season will feature more designing and less whining.