Project Runway 3, Super Delayed Grande Finale

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, ayyyyyy! The it was the much delayed but mostly satisfying Bryant Park grande finale Project-Runway runway show, featuring the models who can’t walk, Tim Gunn verklempt again, and odious troglodytes in the audience!

The Manolo shouts, Congratulations to the Jeffrey! The Manolo thought that this was the right decision, as his final collection was not only beautiful in places, but also had the strong original point of view. Although, as usual, he himself dressed it the style which may best be described as “dissipated Rock-n-Roll hobbit”.

As for the rest, the Michael’s collection was the weakest, filled with the booty shorts and hoochy dresses made from the crazy patterns and over-the-top spangles, which it is too bad because the Manolo truly wanted the Michael to win as he is so sweet and had done such good work in the past.

The Laura, who is a) married to the ghost of Einstein, and is b) the far more petty and jealous person than the Manolo had first assumed, (“I’m not questioning your integrity, you filthy cheater…”) produced the absolutely beautiful clothes, which would not have looked out of place in the collection of the Oscar de la Renta, which was the problem, as it all seemed derivative. Yes, wonderfully derivative, but derivative nonetheless.

And the Uli did the Uli thing, beautifully, wonderfully, with a level of sophistication that was impressive, but it seemed limited in that they were ultimately clothes to be worn by the recent Palm Beach divorcees, with all that that implies. Sadly, there is something vaguely muumuu-ish about her work.

And now, what else is there left for the Manolo to say, other than that he is sad to see the Project Runway end, and that he eagerly awaits the return of this show. He also profoundly hopes that next season will feature more designing and less whining.


35 Responses to “Project Runway 3, Super Delayed Grande Finale”

  1. Miz Shoes Says:

    “Dissipated Rock-n-Roll Hobbit”

    pure genius, Manolo, pure freakin’ genius. My thought is why would you trust someone who dresses themselves in plaid-cuffed manpris to know how to dress you?

  2. RRoseBees Says:

    I couldn’t disagree more with the judges decision to give the win to Jeffrey. His clothes were ill fitting and frumpy looking. Even when he tried to do evening it didn’t work. My pick was Laura but I knew they wouldn’t give it to her even though it was undoubtably the best looking and best made collection. It had focus, wonderful details and was just plain stunning. I really thought Uli would win because after Laura, her collection was the best and most interesting on the runway. I guess bottom line is that it does pay to be a jerk. Sad commentary on society.


  3. olivia Says:

    I agree it was the good decision to choose the best designer and not the favorite the son, nor the most pregnant and moody the mom, or the flowy South Beach bachanalian style.

    Only the Jeffrey showed any response to broaden his style and embrace some semblence of elegance, which his rock glam style tended to overwhelm.

    The other designers never learned. We never saw them grow and develop their style. In fact, as the Manolo observed, it seemed the Michael actually regressed and his work became the more ordinary as the contest progressed.

    But the Jeffrey, he did have some wonderful dresses to offer in the final show and his choice of colors were more varied and adventurous than the others.

    I hope to read more of the Manolo’s comments for the Runway as I have made the Manolo a fixture in my keeping up with fashion and the show!

  4. RG Says:

    “Muumuu-ish” indeed – I could never quite put my finger on the vague dowdiness of her designs!

  5. Melissa Says:

    And here I thought I was the only one that thought the husband of the Laura looked very much like the Einstein!

  6. mina Says:

    Michael’s collection was NOT THE WEAKEST! geez…. i think laura’s was more suited to old hags who enjoy feathers hanging off their shoulders. i thought it was gonna come down to michael and uli… her collection was also off the chain.

  7. mina Says:

    Michael’s collection was NOT THE WEAKEST! geez…. i think laura’s was more suited to old hags who enjoy feathers hanging off their shoulders. i thought it was gonna come down to michael and uli… her collection was also off the chain. stinkin’ jeffrey won… i guess sometimes cheaters really do prosper! :(

  8. mina Says:

    sorry i didnt mean to post twice

  9. Salvatore Perugia Says:

    Laura’s Husband reminds me more of The R. Crumb, No?

  10. beth Says:

    I am not an old hag who enjoys feathers hanging about my head and shoulders, however, I thought that Laura’s collection, while the narrowest in scope, was stunning and beautifullyl made.

    Jeffrey’s bullshit “Japanese ghost comics” or whatever nonsense was absurd.

    I have loved Michael since episode one and was really rooting for him, but he did seem to lose his mind, and any sense of style in putting together his collection. I will say, however, that Neenahgahhhhhceeeea’s comment regarding Michael lacking taste was a bit harsh.

    Uli was Uli, but a bit more so. She did step away from the bright prints, and of all the collections shown, I thought hers was the most wearable.

    I do not think Jeffrey deserved to win. I do believe he had help. And though perhaps all the producers could do was “an exhaustive review of his receipts”, while Jeffrey is a lot of things, stupid is not one of them, so if he had some kind of assistance putting his collection together, he would not be so foolish as to submit receipts from his seamstresses. That money would have come out of his own pocket.

  11. desertwind Says:

    Jeffrey’s collection was cute! If the desertwind were 16, she’d snap it right up…

    But, seriously – his was the only collection with an organic lightness to it. The others (all in their unique ways) had a too-thoughtoutness too-worked heaviness that disappointed me. I really wanted to like Laura’s & Uli’s. Michael? Sweet guy.

  12. g-dog Says:

    Amazing that the person that HAND BEADED and FEATHERED how many gowns accuses someone else of not having time to finish seams (which is of course done on a machine). During the regular challenges no one had a lot of time for finishing touches, and even though I loathe J-no neck-rocker, he did manage to make some more complex outfits, at least one with a blazer which is a fair amount of construction. So, as much as I love Laura’s work, she was extremely petty and just out of line with her accusation. But kudos for having the nerve to at least tell Jeffrey (prompted by Uli) to his face – which was at least a mature way to be petty…..

  13. Tackytiki Says:

    AND, as I recall, Laura didn’t even use those two labor intensive gowns she showed Tim!

  14. Vee Jay Says:

    Well said, Manolo. Your summary provides a fitting ending to what started out as the best PR show of them all, but that ended on a faux dramatic note. Jeffrey’s coherent collection should have won. Laura will have the most successful career, though. Just you wait and see.

    Next PR go ’round, this fabulous babe wants to see more fashion and less whining.
    Meanwhile, I’ll be checking the Manolo’s blog regularly for his truly inspired insights.

  15. Oceanguy Says:

    The “Dissipated Rock-n-Roll Hobbit” was over budget even without the missing receipts. How much was he REALLY over? How much help did he get? It was wrong for him to win after playing outside the rules like that.

    The desertwind gives Jeffrey too much credit… his designs were more for the junior high mall rats and Paris Hilton wannabes, than for anyone with any sophisitication or taste. Edgy schmedgy, they were they were as attractive as his personality.

  16. kat Says:

    don’t worry too much about the michael…he will have a reality show by next fall and commissions out the over exposed booty! luv ya mike! i only wish jeffery had sewn up a frock for his gorlfriend and the baby to wear! yikes!

  17. Whitelies Says:

    The Whitelies, she has been moping about all day with the thought of last night’s win of the ugly little man with no neck and less originality.

    She is reminded of the Betsey Johnson and her dresses with the basque waistline from the 80’s. She is reminded of some of the recent offerings of Dolce and Gabbana and the corseted dresses that the paisan dream up before breakfast. She is reminded of the ubiquitous, done-to-death rock-n-roll satin striped blazers that were cutting edge in 1978 (so were the mullets if the whitelies, she recalls correctly, and notes that the ugly little man sports one of those too).

    She also sadly wonders what ever happened to the good manners and chivalry, even toward older, heavier women who might mot belong on the runway, but still have the money to spend and need clothes for their life, as unglamorous as it may be.

  18. twistygirl Says:

    “The ghost of Einstein”!!! Oh, wonderful Manolo, you never fail to make the smiles!

    Twistygirl thinks the Jeffrey was most deserving of the win. Twistygirl likes her clothes funky and fun and rock-n-roll. Yes, the Twistygirl loves striped satin blazers. And Twistygirl is not the junior high school mall rat nor the Paris Hilton wannabe, nor does the Twistygirl sport the mullet, so obviously it is not only those subcultures who like to dress in the glam-rock-groupie look.

    My only wish is that the Jeffrey would have had his friend the Santino make a crazy tape of the Santino singing for his show, just like the Santino used for his own show last year.

    So yes, the Twistygirl would wear all of the clothes of the Jeffrey collection.

    The Twistygirl would not wear any of the clothes of the Laura’s collection because the Twistygirl is not a middle-aged Upper East Side woman who attends many philanthropic events.

    Likewise, the Twistygirl would not wear any of the clothes of the Uli’s collection because The Donald has not been issuing Twistygirl invitations for a weekend at Mar-a-lago recently.

    And the Twistygirl, although in love with sweet mama’s boy Michael, would not wear the clothes of the Michael’s collection because she is not Lil’ Kim.

  19. VeddyVeddyBadAng Says:

    It was too bad that the odious Jeffrey had to win, but I guess he had to, since no one else pulled the “originality” card like he did. His clothes seemed to be the most “designer-y”, if not the most attractive, and I had to agree with the judges that those two blue dresses were HIDEOUS. I did like 3 of his dresses though: the striped one, the red polkadot with the overlay and the short gray one with the denim accents.

    Laura’s dresses were GORGEOUS, for the most part. And I do believe that she had time to do all that intricate detail work, because during the show, when they had ONE DAY, she still did the same detail work! (Remember all the individual feathers and beads that she put on her black and white dress, and the final challenge dress?). But as soon as I saw the collection, I knew she would not win, because it looked too much like “her” stuff. But wow, can you ask for a better advertisement than her runway show? That lady is going to be raking in the big bucks, making fabulous dresses for the rich ladies that live in New York. Good for her. I’m impressed that someone who obviously doesn’t need the money would step out on a limb to do something so creative – she obviously has a deep need to explore this side of her life, and I admire someone who will take such a chance on her talent.

  20. aimlessjoys Says:

    Oh, well said, Manolo! I think I kept a sympathy for the Jeffrey all along because I am a mama of two fine boys, and I would have been so proud of the Jeffrey for overcoming many of his demons to create some joy, which he certainly did.
    (It is the belief of my heart that the Angela & her mom were sort of setting the Jeffrey up. Look what happened to the turned-on Vincent when he worked w/the fleurchon girl. He turned most definitely OFF; also, witness the big prize-winning Manhattan Sunrise result that was due primarily to the excellent taste & construction work of the Laura & the Michael.)

    Be that as it may, it is wonderful that the Laura will be even more set for life making such beautiful designs from her exquisite grasp of fashion history, as long as she can find some very patient seamstresses to help preserve such quality. I would like to know the name of the music she used in the Bryant Park promenade. So perfect.

    Lover of flowing lines and colors, the sweetheart Ulli, quelles yeux when she said she felt she belonged in second place. Ach! And the succes-in-America story that she personifies. She is wonderful, indeed, and her clothes offer such delicious potential! May she forever enjoy sunscapes, palm trees, sea breezes, and thong sandals.

    The Michael, too, such an adorability factor! He will join the ranks of the very well-paid, I feel sure.

    I am so glad to have discovered the Manolo this season!

    Twisting the horrors of this world into amusement through the clever use of wacky syntax is surprising and so welcome in my life. Thanks to you, your assistant bloggers, and all your internet friends for creating so much witty fun.

  21. xoconostle Says:

    Beloved Manolo, thank you so much for carrying on with the commentary despite your well-stated disappointments with the latter part of this season. Your criticisms were spot-on and I hope that the show’s producers, who almost certainly must know of the fabulousness of your wit and wisdom, will take heed regarding such improprieties as changing the rules mid-game.

    One of the delights of this past season for me was the candor of Tim Gunn’s podcast. He frequently disagreed with the producers and judges in enlightening ways. At one stage he confessed to a strong personal distaste for Vincent, apologized for letting it show, and then, amusingly, continued to let it show.

    I was fond of all four finalists and agree that for its unexpected not-rocker originality and finesse, Jeffrey should have won. Laura is a splendid neoclassicist and for her very fine taste and charming demeanor I wish her great success. I adore everything about Michael, truly a good person, but agree that perhaps he needs some time to develop his vision, which is already spectacularly vivacios and sexy. He makes the 70s seem like they were good. :-) Uli I trust can keep doing the Uli thing over and over and reap trememdous and well deserved success for it. Why not? She serves a certain taste with colorful whimsy.

    In this fan’s opinion the “Mom” episdode despite the uncomfortable conflict was really something special, perhaps the best of the entire series so far.

    One can hardly wait for season the fourth.

  22. ash Says:

    Oh my, all this middle america hate sphewing at Jeffery, you people don’t know high fashion if it bitch slapped you, your appreciation of old red’s hag clothes is laughable. Jeffrey won this fair and most fashion experts agree, so the reason you Laura/Uli/Michael lovers don’t get that has everything to do w/ your own lack of fashion knowledge, you wouldn’t know innovation even if it were explained to you in the most simple of terms. Hopeless, its a damn good thing the viewers don’t pick the winner, or the Next Great American designer will be that of hooker wear for spring 2007. You people are so wise and all.

  23. 325i Says:

    Whatever, ash. I liked Uli because she had a really nice rack and made clothes for women with the same equipment. Does that make be a fashion infidel?

  24. halstonette Says:

    Personally, at my age, I would rather wear beautifully constructed, figure flattering, classic clothes and be called derivative than to dress like a sixteen year old bimbo and be called fashion forward. Manolo, I am surprised at you. If the Jeffrey designed the shoes to match the dresses, with his same “original point of view” I dare say you would be the first one to say Ayyyyy!

  25. Tammy Says:

    “more designing and less whining” Ditto! I think we had more designing last season. I want to see them at work, not snerking each other.

  26. anon Says:

    It saddens me to see the Manolo jumping on the recent Laura-bashing trend. She is a better person than you give her credit for.

  27. CED Says:

    Manolo: I find it so difficult to disagree with your so forecfully held opinion regarding the Laura.

    I do not support the contention that the Laura is petty. I believe that she raised a question and that the producers are the ape-shit happy for the drama that they allowed to be squezzed from that trampled turnip! Far better to discover before the win that the Jeffry was over the budget etc. etc. And perfect excuse to dump the wigs!

    The Laura is from the Louisiana, no? And we from the Louisiana understand the affairs of the smokey backroom. The Laura, she was only asking for the fresh air.

  28. Lorraine Says:

    I so rarely disagree with the Manolo but there is a time for everything, I suppose. Alas, I love the Laura and always will and Neck Boy, is a horrible whiner with the taste of one who lives in the gutter. When he won I would have thrown my wine glass at the wall but I was in someone else’s home. I loathe him and his “designs”.

  29. Joan Says:

    Lorraine, I’m with you. Everyone dings Laura for being “derivative,” but what is Jeffrey if not derivative of what every rock-n-roller has been wearing for the past 20+ years?

    Also, I have a sneaking feeling that Jeffrey doesn’t want his women to look pretty… or like women. He dresses them like boys (those tight white pants that only boyish figures can wear successfully) or like babies. Or, he puts them into ugly dresses like those two blue numbers. The stripey dress and the longer red dress with white polka-dots were OK, but not outstanding. And the green and white stripe idea would’ve worked better for me if he had chosen something other than satin to execute it in. Satin is… difficult. For all that everyone is falling all over the dress Marilinda showed, it makes her look dumpy and thick, which should be impossible!

    I would’ve gone with Uli had I to choose, since she didn’t have a loser in the bunch and her collection was much more versatile than Laura’s. Laura’s stuff is beautiful but by limiting herself to evening wear, she denied herself a chance at the win. And Michael’s stuff was too hoochie-mama to go anywhere.

    As for the whole Laura-accuses-Jeff storyline, I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers told them to concoct something to make the last couple of episodes more interesting. The whole thing felt scripted to me.

    I, too, am looking forward to “more designing and less whining” next season!

  30. xoconostle Says:

    Hey Bravo,

    Kindly consider bringing Malan back for season four. :-)

    What fun!

  31. gidget bananas Says:

    He also profoundly hopes that next season will feature more designing and less whining.

    From the Manolo’s mouth to the ears of the Bravo Gods!

  32. cliff Says:

    Actually I don’t care who win and who did not..but what I can say is that, I really enjoyed watching the show..It really brought out the best and worst of the designers andI enjoyed it pretty much!!

  33. Lilly Munster Says:

    I enjoyed the show and would actually wear some of each collection. I thought Jeffery’s collection was great for the young, but my daughters ( early 20’s) said they would not be cought dead in any of the dresses. Personally, I think my daughters are a bit “stodgie’ and could loosen up a bit!

  34. RJ Says:

    Perhaps the odious Jeffrey won because the judges saw in him the kind of ruthless, vicious, lie-and-cheat-if-you-have-to attitude that it takes to succeed in fashion. Sweet Michael and even sweeter Uli are just too nice. With her candor and forthrightness, Laura has the potential; but the judges were probably jealous of her because she is “fabulously glamorous”.

  35. John Says:

    Men have always been known for their chivalry. If they are treated well by women, they get treated better in return. If women want to be taken good care of by their men, they need to respect and treat their men with dignity.

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