Help for the Boston Girl

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has asked the Manolo the questions.

Dearest Manolo!

I hope you are well – I’ve been enjoying your column for a while now, and I think you are The Fabulousness.

I have two unique shoe issues. One is that I recently relocated to Boston, and the girls here still think it is ok to wear Uggs. No. Not happening. Boston is heading into the winter season, and I know I will need something other than my cute tall boots from Maestro Fluevog and the very excellent wedge heel Born boot. Something waterproof and warm yet stylish, and able to manage hurdles like “snow drifts” and “cobblestone” and “everyone here is 18 and I feel a million years old”. Am I stuck with fishmongerette boots from LL Bean?

The second bit is that I’m getting married in Hawaii next summer to my amazing, darling fiance. We’re having a casual small beach-y wedding, but I want to still look like a million dollars. I’ve seen some interesting shoes from the aforementioned favorite John Fluevog, but most shoes seem to be too clunky and hot for May on the beach. I want a shoe that isn’t a flip flop with the words “just married” on the bottom, or god forbid PLATFORM FLIP FLOPS, or the typical Miss Piggy maribou-type shoe with the feathers and impossibilty of a bit of sand. Barefoot? Heavens no.

Help me, Obi-wan Manolo, you’re my only hope!


This it is the most amusing letter, one that deserves the careful attention, but first allow the Manolo to quickly dispatch the question about the wintery boots by recommending the boots of the La Canadienne, as being both reasonably priced and suitable for the chilly weather. (How could they be otherwise? They are from Canada, where the bronze loonie dollars must be stretched to cover the extensive winter clothing needs.)

Look here is the Allure from the La Canadienne.

Allure by La Canadienne   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Does it not look toasty warm and stylish?

And now to the shoes of the wedding, the choosing of which the Manolo always finds most difficult.

It is difficult because many of the brides to be invest such intense romantic fantasy longing into the wedding planning; everything must be “perfect” if the wedding is not to be “the failure”.

And so the Manolo is often called upon by his internet friends to pick the “perfect” shoe for the “perfect” wedding, even though the Manolo knowns that the perfect platonic bridal shoe exists only in the mind of the Maker, and that we humans must make do with one of the imperfect shoes available to us.

Still, it is our duty to attempt to find the shoe that comes the closest to the eternal eidos and without rupturing the bank.

Add to this natural difficulty the whole problem of the casual beachy Hawaiian wedding for the girl who loves the Fluevog and the Manolo can only say, aaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!

However, after much of the searching, the Manolo has emerged with the Marion by the Pella Moda.

Marion by Pelle Moda   Manolo Likes! Click!

It is festively pretty with the sea-shell-like stone ornamentation, and the lower heel is sand friendly.

And now the Manolo must go lay down.