Manolo says, the Manolo is dismayed to see that once again the Bloggies, the annual awards for the best blogs, have neglected to include the catagory for the Fashion Blogs!

This it is the injustice! (Yes, perhaps not the great injustice, but the injustice nonetheless.)

One need only look at the dozens of the recent articles in the mainstream press about the influence of the fashion blogosphere to see that the fashion blogging has become the phenomenon that cannot be ignored. But ignore it the Bloggies have done, undoubtedly because the organizers of these awards are the post-adolescent techno-geeks more interested in talking about the electronic doohickeys and the Web 2.0 than the subjects that are of real interest to many millions of the blog readers.

If, like the Manolo, you wish to see the fashion blogging as the category in the Bloggies, go to the website of the awards and send the organizers the email politely expressing your desire to have the fashion blog category included forthwith.