Glam Boat

Glam Boat by Sergio Rossi   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, these shoes from the Sergio Rossi are beautiful and very much worth the wearing, however, to the Manolo’s eye they have two minor defects.

The first is the ridiculous name, the Glam Boat, which sounds to the Manolo like the second-rate cruise line, perhaps one that sails the waters off of Atlantic City. The second is the little tassle which depends from the instep. It is distracting, and adds nothing to the line of this fine shoe.

So, the Manolo recommends removing the tassle, and then calling the shoes whatever you wish, perhaps something like the “Sergio’s Super Fantastic Silvery Shoe”.

Even better, you may make these changes more cheaply than usual, as this shoe is currently 40% off of the usual price, the savings of $220 of the American dollars.


Shoe Blogging

Manolo says, for the past several weeks the Manolo has been meaning to mention to you the new shoe blogs which he believes to be worthy of your attention.

ShoeBlog and the ShoeForum are the wonderful new sites which would be of interest to anyone who loves the shoes. The Manolo is especially happy to see that the blogger known as the Shoesense has reappeared as one of the contributors here, as she is one of the smartest and most readable of all the shoe bloggers.

The Well Heeled Society makes the Manolo jealous because he did not come up with this perfect name for the shoe blog first.

Shoebunny is the place to find which shoes the celebrities are wearing. Yes, it is the specialized blog, but it is amusing nonetheless, and the Manolo goes there once or twice the week to catch up. (Sadly, the Manolo must now chastise the Shoebunny, for their shoe blogging community spirit is weak, as they do not link to any other of the fashion bloggers.)

Shoeaholic’s Anonymous features the short and amusing posts.

ShoeIQ has the good small collection of the posts and the articles about the shoes.

Little did the Manolo realise two and the half years ago when he first started his humble Shoe Blog that the shoe blogging would soon become the important genre of blogs, and that eventually there would be many dozens of the blogs devoted to his beloved shoes. It makes him so very happy that others would join him in this most amusing and gratifying pastime.

Manolo shouts, Let the thousand shoe blogs bloom!


The Fate of the Platforms, Part II

Manolo says, one of the Manolo’s internet friends has responded to the Manolo’s post about the platforms.

The shoes above are just for drama…. aren’t they??? I mean, they can’t be for real.

Of course they are for the real.

The Manolo reminds you of the towering Balenciaga fetish-esque ankle boots, which were made famous by the Olsen urchin.

Yes, at the first, when they appeared on the runway, they seemed ridiculous, but they were worn by the celebrities, and now some of the fashion bloggers are reconsidering them.

For the Manolo, however, these Balenciaga boots were yet more evidence that we had entered the terminal phase of this recent iteration of the platforms.

The fashion is no different than any other form of the art, and thus when the classical period has ended and the period of decadence has been entered the artists believe they must push the boundries of their form, sometimes resulting in the ridiculous excess, sometime resulting in the charming beauty.

The Manolo is the lover of the classic, and although he will make the exceptions (such for as the Fragonard) he prefers the Palladian to the Rococo, which is perhaps why both the Balenciaga and the Dior platform excesses leave him cold.