Ricky Ricardo?

Manolo says, only one more week until the Manolo’s latest work, The Consolation of the Shoes appears in print.

Here is the description of the Manolo and this work from the website of the New Pamphleteers.

The Consolation of the Shoes by Manolo the Shoeblogger
How does one explain Manolo the Shoeblogger to someone who’s never visited his wildly popular internet site? Well, take two parts high-class shoe fetishist, one part Ricky Ricardo, and one part Jacques Barzun, a dash of Ignatius J. Reilly, shake vigorously and decant liberally, and you’ve got Manolo the Shoeblogger.

Since first appearing in October, 2004, his website, Manolo’s Shoe Blog, has become one of the best read fashion sites on the internet, and the Manolo himself has been praised by authorities as various as the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Fortune, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, and the master shoe designer himself, Manolo Blahnik, for his eccentric, erudite, and at times outrageous sense of humor, and for his extensive knowledge of shoes and fashion.

Now, in The Consolation of the Shoes, the Manolo reveals yet another side of himself, recounting a late night visitation from a mysterious woman, a visitation that sends the young Manolo on a quest to find the perfect pair of shoes. Along the way he wrestles with a series of footwear-based teleological and eschatological problems culminating in a transcendent moment of pure shoe joy. Throughout the Manolo remains his usual unusual self, full of cockeyed aphorisms, oddball observations, and trenchant social and cultural commentary, all of it both hilarious and very intelligent.

Find out what the readers of Manolo’s Shoe Blog have long known, that fashion and philosophy are not incompatible, and that Manolo the Shoeblogger is one of the funniest and smartest people you’ll read this year.

Ayyyyy! Such fulsome praise is enough to make the Manolo blush.

Happy Easter!


Manolo wishes, to all of his many, many internet friends, the most happiest of Easters!