Make the Manolo the #1 Hoffster!

Manolo says, it is rare for the Manolo to seek assistance, as he prides himself on his self-sufficiency, but now there is something he desires so desperately that he comes before his internet friends and asks them for the favor.

What the Manolo ardently desires is to be named the #1 Hoffster by the peoples at the St. Martins Press.

The #1 Hoffster is the official #1 internet fan of the magnificent multi-talented genius David Hasselhoff, and if the Manolo does not qualify for that, who does?

To that end, the Manolo now asks you, his close internet friends, to email the peoples at the St. Martins Press politely stating the case for the Manolo’s primacy in the matter of Hasselhoff admiration.

Here is the email address: [email protected]

Be polite but firm. The Manolo the Shoeblogger should be the #1 Hoffster!

Please, in the spirit of the season, help the brother out.