The Rouge Wave Review

Manolo says, here is the review of the Manolo’s new work The Consolation of the Shoes posted at the screenwriting blog The Rouge Wave.

You don’t have to have a fascination with shoes to enjoy the cultural and literary phenomena that is Manolo the Shoeblogger. Manolo embodies a certain fabulousity, a verbal elasticity and a post, post-Grey Gardens je ne sais quoi for word lovers and shoe lovers alike.

Published by the New Pamphleteer, The Consolation of the Shoes is a must for writers seeking inspiration and motivation. Nobody writes the way Manolo does; he stands as a beacon for what is possible when we paint with our words and create sublimely entertaining worlds.

Ayyyy! This is so gratifying, for the Wave-inatrix is not merely the Rouge Wave blogger, she is also The Script Whisperer, the person who coaches others to be the good writers.