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Whose Shoes Wednesday

May 30, 2007 48


Manolo asks, whose shoes?


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  • tamrabee says:

    is it the lindsay lohan?

  • Amanda says:

    The Kylie Minogue, perhaps?

  • Hester says:

    Kate Moss? If not Kate, someone else who is rather young and hip.

  • Angelina says:

    Sienna Miller?

  • linda grant says:

    Jane Fonda

  • linda grant says:

    Also, can I persuade the Manolo to transpose the letters in whoes

  • Katie says:

    Christina Aguilera?

  • Katie says:

    I’d like to guess…Christina Aguilera.

  • David says:

    I believe it is the tragic Lindsay Lohan.

  • Robyn says:

    Gwen Stefani, she wears all styles.

  • tXbk37fSVkrnnCs5D1UPLkPF0jkkCvqNsUtec4dggBE. says:

    gah! i am too blinded by the hideous leggings to even VENTURE a guess!

  • Angela says:

    Misha Barton

  • LL says:

    Lindsay Lohan

  • QIx4kkto87pcvD5K9HADZTNZi3Yx4BBrowp5v3ui7e8. says:

    Gwen Stefani

  • Imelda Blahnik says:

    Gwen Stefani

    (Ooops: “QIx4kkto87pcvD5K9HADZTNZi3Yx4BBrowp5v3ui7e8” is me, Imelda.)

  • Phyllis says:

    Heather Locklear is my guess.

  • Jezebella says:

    Pamela Anderson?

  • Rose says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow?

  • Federico says:

    The Betsy Johnson

  • Alell says:

    Something about the photos strikes me as being very Victoria Beckham, except perhaps the flats which I haven’t seen her wear. But I suppose on occasion she must? If only on her way from bedroom to shower?

  • e says:

    Third the Aguilera.

  • runner says:

    Hilary Duff???

  • TG says:

    Mary Kate?…. or Ashley?

  • K says:

    Looks like La Lohan to me.

  • Reckonwith says:

    It is indeed La Lohan…

  • The crazy numbers for the names are the result of the Manolo’s recent server change. Please be certain to re-enter your Name into the proper space.

    Also, please do not post the links to the photos proving who this person is, as the courtesy to those who may not have your Google Fu skills, so that they can play the game as it was intended.

  • LaVida2 says:

    Lindsey Lohan…saw one of the pics the other day when I was looking at 80’s fashion

  • Sharon says:

    I would have to go with Linsey Lohan also. I thought I just seen her with those black boots on the other day. What about Paris Hilton. When do we find out the answer? Curious to know now.

  • Heidi says:


  • angie says:


  • super* says:

    Olivia Newton John…or Jennifer Beals.

  • I, too, vote the Aguillera.

  • Miss Jessica says:

    La Lohan, for sure

  • k says:

    Chloe Sevigny?

  • Jora says:

    Only Lindsay Lohan could be so tragic.

  • c says:

    christina aguilera!

  • roz says:

    I’m guessing Lindsay based on the leggings, ick.
    But I like many of the shoes.

  • FashionGrrrrl says:

    Lindsay Lohan! She is wearing my favourite kind of flats. :)

  • la petite chou chou says:

    Linda Grant: Whose is spelled “whose” not “whoes.” Did I misunderstand what you wanted the Manolo to do?

  • MiscMama says:

    Lindsay Lohan!

  • BeckyJ says:

    I was going to guess Alicia Silverstone or Lindsay Lohan. I’m going w/ Linds since she’s been in the news more recently.

  • imfJc0DAt-ipOi3ndOUdUiCzLtZ_FFSgRhDezXxNSQU. says:

    at any rate i like those brown boots. pity they couldn’t be stylin’ someone with a bit more class…..

  • La Petite Chou Chou, the Linda was pointing out the Manolo’s spelling error, which he has subsequently corrected. As is usual, the Manolo had erred and one of his sharp-eyed internet friends had caught it.

  • zenevieva says:

    I so want to say its Kirstin Dunst… but its probably Lindsey Lohan

  • Christie says:

    Only Gwen is rocking the footless tights like that.

  • adskc says:

    i think queen latefa