Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Drew Barrymore in the Poncho and Uggs!  Nooooooo!drewwhose.jpg

Manolo answers, the Drew Barrymore!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s perceptive internet friend Becky who was the first person to know the right answer.


¡A Las Barricadas!

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyyyy! The final battle between good and evil is joined! To the barricades!

Crocs Inc., the maker of brightly hued plastic clogs, made a bold bid to expand its appeal Tuesday by unveiling a new line of women’s fashion footwear.

The introduction of the You by Crocs line of nine boots and shoes marks a departure for Crocs, which has logged meteoric sales growth from the popularity of its odd-looking, perforated shoes. The shoes — a hybrid of a sandal and a clog — are made of a plastic resin that wearers find both comfortable and light weight.Fashion Croc?  Ugly!

Among the most radical shifts for the You by Crocs line is the new arrivals’ retail price: $149 to $299 a pair. That’s far above the
$30 price on Crocs’s standard shoes
. The new line includes eight wedge-heeled models and one lifted flat, each of which features a combination of leather, suede and lambs wool. Crocs’s plastic resin occupies only the soles of the new models. The You by Crocs line will be available from retailer and online this fall.

For the past several years, the Manolo has watched the gathering storm, as one terrible shoe fad after the next has crashed upon our peaceful fashion shores.

But, this was before the arrival of the odious Crocs, whose cheap and loathsome plastic have turned millions of otherwise respectable citizens into fashion zombies, besotted by the promise of “comfort” and the sweet smell of polystyrene resin.

Now, as the Manolo had long feared and predicted, the Croc super villains, hiding in their mountainous lair in the mythical land of Niwot, have deployed their ultimate weapon, the oxymoronic “Fashion Croc”, in the hope that they will bring those who have remained free under their plastic heel.

It is not tragedy enough that the lowly plastic peasant shoe Crocs are already being worn by the misguided Wal-Mart peoples in their sweat pants and NASCAR gear?

Must we now also endure the sight of the normal peoples wearing the so-called “Fashion Croc”?

¡No Pasarán! Shouts the Manolo, “They Shall Not Pass!”

Here we must draw the line, here we must defend that which we hold sacred!

Join the Manolo in speaking out against this abomination. Do not let your friends buy these shoes, and shun anyone who dares wear them on the street. Our greatest weapon is social pressure which much be applied liberally and forcefully.

Stop the Fashion Croc! ¡A Las Barricadas!


Manolo is the Number 1 Hoffster!!!!!

Don't Hassel the Hoff!!!

Manolo says, ayyyyyyy! Finally, the Manolo may now die the happy man, for the kind peoples at the St. Martin’s Press, publishers of that work of literary genius, Don’t Hassel the Hoff, have finally recognized what the fans of the Manolo have known all along, that the Manolo the Shoeblogger is the #1 Hoffster, the greatest internet fan of the magnificent David Hasselhoff!!!

Here is the comment left in the previous posts about the Manolo’s veneration of all that is Hasselhoffian.

Manolo, we are truly, truly sincere in our apology to you about the delay to post your #1 Hoffster status. Please allow us to redeem ourselves.

See here : www.stmartins.com/dhhweek.html

I’d be glad to send over an autographed copy of the Don’t Hassel the Hoff autobiography…

The autographed copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! The Manolo feels faint.

Here is another comment left by the St. Martin’s peoples,

Wow, Manolo – you must be so proud to be so loved! Extremely jealous here. Anyway, just wanted to a drop a note to your supporters that Manolo is now an HOFFicial Hoffster.


Indeed, pride in the knowledge that one has such staunch and tireless supporters, but much more than pride the Manolo is humbled by the affection shown for him by his internet friends, for it is truly the divine blessing to have such wonderful people upon whom one may rely, and for this reason the Manolo expresses his deep and abiding gratitude.

The internet friends of the Manolo are most Super Fantastic indeed!!!

Whose Shoes Wednesday


Manolo asks, whose shoes?


The #1 Hoffster

Manolo says, the Manolo’ s campaign to be named the #1 Hoffster has not borne the fruit, and although the peoples at the St. Martins Press have undoubtedly received many, many letters from the internet friends of the Manolo, they have not bothered to update the Don’t Haselhoff the Hoff Week webpage to reflect this.

Indeed, they have not changed the webpage at all since first posting it, leading the Manolo to believe that the Don’t Hassle the Hoff Week is not the true expression of the Hasselhoffian-based joy, but the mere cynical marketing ploy designed to sell the books!

Have these public relations peoples no shame? Do they not know that there are those of us whose affection and good will toward the magnificent Hasselhoff must not be toyed with?

For shame, St. Martin’s Press, for shame!