Build the Outfit #3

Lala by Al-Amirah    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, it is time once again to play Build the Outfit!

This time, the challenge is the opposite of the first week, which was then to build the outfit that would go with the exceedingly colorful and expensive shoes.

This week, the Manolo asks you to build the outfit to go with the more restrained and affordable shoe, the Lala from the Al-Amirah, the classic peep-toe, ballet flat.

The best part of this contest is the prize, the Laura Vanderhook the designer has graciously provided the gift certificate for one pair of the shoes from the Al-Amirah catalog.

So, rush off to the Manolo’s Super Fantastic Forums and post your outfit there. At the end of the week, the Manolo will award the prize to what he thinks is the best one.


The Rupert Sanderson

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Kate Finnigan has written the wonderful article about the hot shoe designer, the Rupert Sanderson. You must immediately go read the whole article, but for the Manolo the Shoeblogger, this is the best part of it.

Instead his energy has been devoted to refining his shoes. From the display shelf in the shop he grabs another Odette (all the shoes are named after varieties of daffodils from an ancient copy of the RHS Classified List of Daffodil Names bought at a car-boot sale and now lying on the table). ‘Four years ago I wouldn’t have been able to do this,’ he says, unable to hide his admiration for the craftsmanship of the simple, contemporary court shoe in his hand.

‘I’d have thought, “Where’s the money in that? Who’s gonna want to buy a pair of shoes that don’t have something tricksy about them?” In fact, the whole thing is to pare it down and work on the fit, the length and shape of the last. Rather than thinking you have to put something on it, you have to take something away. You use the foot as decoration. To my mind, sticking something on isn’t great shoe-making.’

Yes, shouts the Manolo!

Finally, the shoe designer who has come to understand that less can indeed be more.

This is what makes the Maestro Manolo Blahnik the genius that he is. He knows that what is most important is the line of the shoe, the shape and the ratios of the proportions, not the fancy-tacky geegaws which many designers pile onto their shoes.

Now we see that another designer has learned this eternal truth, that one should seek the idealized Platonic form, and eschew the gimcrackery of the tasteless ornamentation.

And what is the result of this desire? Beauty, truth. Truth, beauty.


Elegant in their simplicity, beautiful in their elegance. This is what the humble shoeblogger seeks in the shoes.


The Shoes of Gold


Manolo shouts, solid gold shoes!!!

The Employee of a jewellery shop was showing a pair of shoes made of up-to-680g pure gold in Wuhu, Anhui Province June 9, 2007. The shoes were designed by Italian designer under the invitation from World Gold Council.

As the Manolo’s shoe-loving friend Wayne said, “Who need the glass slipper when you’ve got these?”


Moschino Sandals, The Apple

Moschino Apple     Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, it is the Monday morning in June and you are back at your desk slaving away for the man, while outside the summer softly calls your name.

“Come join us,” it says, “we are having the wonderful time playing in the sprinklers and eating watermelon.”

You are strongly tempted to quit. Who needs this lousy job, right?

Sadly, you do.

But, all is not lost. Here above is the perfect antidote to the Summertime Blues, the charmingly whimsical and fruity sandals from the Moschino.