Decision to Wear Crocs Ill-Considered

Manolo says, the Robin Givhan of the Washington Post has spoken. Heed her wisdom.

Did someone say comfortable? Because this is a culture quick to justify wearing virtually anything in the name of comfort — pajama bottoms as pants, sneakers as business footwear, leggings in lieu of trousers, Uggs with miniskirts — Crocs now rival flip-flops as the most annoyingly omnipresent style of summer footwear. City streets are inundated with shuffling phalanxes of men and women with bright orange, yellow and red Bozo feet.

The shoes can look cute on children. But all those adults walking around in Crocs, going on about how comfortable they are, look like overgrown children. They are like the workday Peter Pans who carry backpacks in the city. Not grown-up leather backpacks, but the kind made of nylon with water bottles stuck inside a web of bungee cords and a canister of Bear Be Gone hanging off the side. They have mistaken their walk to the office for a climb to the summit of the Grand Tetons.

Why, oh why, must people assimilate perfectly reasonable, functional and cheeky sports attire into street clothes? Why couldn’t they keep their Crocs on the boat or in the garden?

Testify, Sister Robin, testify!

If this not enough to convince you that the Crocs are the abominations, perhaps you will listen to the Tim Gunn.

And if the combined weight of the Manolo, the Robin Givhan, and the Tim Gunn do not convince you that the Crocs should be avoided, you are perhaps beyond redemption.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friends who sent him this important article.