The Shoefly Sale, Last Days

June 27, 2007 1


Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friends at the have gracious offered the Manolo’s readers the special coupon deal good for 25% off!

Go to their site, pick out your shoes, and then at the checkout enter the secret code word Manolo and save 25% off of the whole order.

But you must hurry, for the sale ends on Friday, June the 29th!


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  • la petite chou chou says:

    Manolo, just have to thank you again!

    I happen to live near Shoefly and was able to get some in-store help procuring my shoes from another store. I got the “Grass” as pictured in the link below. I wore them to my friends Bachelorette party last night for their maiden voyage and got TONS of compliments!