The Help Wanted

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Manolo empire is again about to enter the period of expansion, as the Manolo will soon unveil the new blog, one devoted to fashion, lifestyle, and humor for the super fantastic plus sized girl.

In other words, the Manolo will soon introduce Manolo For the Big Girl!

To this end the Manolo is now seeking two bloggers who have the unique and entertaining authorial voices, the obsession with clothing, fashion, and celebrity, and are possessed of the special knowledge of issues relating to the big girl. If you believe you are such the person, please send the Manolo the email outlining for him your qualifications, together with the brief samples of the writing and/or links to your bloggings.

The Manolo now wishes to again emphasize the necessity of the strong writing ability for this position. If you have been the regular reader of the Manolo’s other blogs, Manolo for the Brides, Manolo for the Men, and Manolo’s Food Blog, you will have undoubtedly noticed that the writers behind these blogs, Izzy, Never teh Bride, and Mr. Henry, are exceptionally knowledgeable, unusually funny, and possessed of the very strong voices.

In short they are excellent writers, and this is what the Manolo hopes to replicate in the new bloggers for his potential Big Girl Blog. So, if you feel you have these qualities please send the Manolo the email.

The Manolo should mention that this it is the paid position. Not well paid, nor anywhere near the full time, but there is the potential to perhaps make more, and the exposure may be beneficial to the freelance writer who wishes to make the name in fashion.


38 Responses to “The Help Wanted”

  1. Meander Says:

    Manolo for the Big Girl? Oooh – how exciting!

  2. Hilary Says:

    I hope you’ll be able to find someone for this, it’ll be a great addition to your website. I have a couple of Big Girl family members and I really need fashion advice when it comes to buying for them. Fantastic idea!

  3. Shazza Says:

    This Big Girl simply cannot WAIT!!! Thank you, dear Manolo.

  4. sabrina Says:

    Hooray! The Manolo, he is full of ideas to help the people of all sizes. And it is especially appreciated by those for whom the fashion designers think should always dress in the enormous, gaudy floral prints or the ill-fitted shirts with sequins. (Sigh.) I eagerly await this launch!

  5. Netter Says:

    I’m not applying, but I could sure use this site when it comes live!

  6. Cionaudha Says:

    Oh Manolo, truly you make this Big Girl’s dreams come true!

    I will express my love and gratitude with this interpretive dance! (WARNING: Please stand well away from the bosoms during this performance: they are deadly weapons.)

  7. Cynthia Says:

    I am not a ‘Big Girl’, I am a fat woman. That is ok, except when my super-fantasticness is limited due to a lack of choice. Shoes are the one bright spot in fashion for the larger woman. My feet are always super-fantastic, even when the rest of me must settle for meerly fantastic.

  8. Atomic Bombshell Says:

    Though I’m not qualified to help in this capacity, I did want to comment that it’s a brilliant idea, and one that will undoubtedly be met with major success in the US. Exactly what this marketing girl would expect from the genius that is the Manolo.

  9. [email protected] Says:

    Big Girls need love and Manolo too. I’m busy catching up with my site or I’d try and help out. All the best…

  10. Say What? Says:

    I bow at your supr-fantastically shod feets! We fat women/big girls/zaftig mamas do need a voice!

    I am hoping that the writers will be of the “Big Girl” demographic (and I don’t mean what the stores or designers consider big – 12/14.)

    Best of luck to the candidates!

  11. Robyn Says:

    I am so glad, as the mother of a plus size teenager, this will be a big help. All the stores with teen styles think teenagers are tiny! And about all we can find for her to wear are in the womens section which are not the styles that her friends are wearing. There is one store in our area which is for plus teens, but the quality is so cheap and the prices high that I hate to go in there.

  12. GingerMartini Says:

    Wonderful! Thank you, Manolo!

  13. beth Says:

    huzzah! I eagerly anticipate the launch of this new site and commend the Manolo for this endeavor. Manolo, you are the source I would trust the most for this type of blog and I’m so happy this is on its way. Good luck, candidates!

  14. Sharon Says:

    I think this is a great idea. I have some friends that would love a site such as the one you describe.

  15. Lastango Says:

    A trap may await those wanting to write about larger women.

    A few years ago, a fashion magazine aimed at large women failed because (as I recall the explanation) it didn’t depict the women who actually comprise its target market.

    The magazine’s models were merely big-boned, and carried some of the extra weight common to people with large frames.

    They were solid, and curvaceous. They were not obese.

    But the target market was obese. They knew the models didn’t look like them, and the magazine wasn’t helping them solve their fashion challenges.

    The last time I was in California I thought to myself, “I’ve never seen so many extremely overweight people in all my life.” They were everywhere – men and women alike, all ages, and seemed equally likely to be black, white or Hispanic.

    If that’s the reality, Manolo’s new blog may need to focus not women who weigh 165 lbs., but 265 or even more.

  16. TheNeller Says:

    Given my time spent absorbing all that is the Manolo (which is not much, as I am a fairly new reader), I just want to say: “Hooray!!!” Your content, and the content to which you link, has been entertaining and inspirational in helping me find my own sense of style. As a girl who is hovering around that 12/14 mark, I’m not quite a BBW, but most fashion today seems to center around those significantly smaller than me. And I can’t even beging to express how relieved I am to see higher-waisted pants (jeans in particular) and longer tops coming back “in”. I absolutely trust that the person(s) you select for this new blog will continue in your vein of presenting the super-fantastic fashion to those of us whose bodies may not fit the mainstream “norm”.

  17. Christina Says:

    That will be on my bookmark list of daily visits, like the original Shoeblog.

    Thanks, Manolo. And maybe the Big Girl Blog can also do shoes for the >size 10 crowd as well–I am in both of those groups. Oh, and clothes for the big girl who is also taller than 5’6″. I am 6′ tall. Therefore all dresses and skirts are at least 3 inches shorter on me than on a woman 5’9″ tall. Miniskirts are straight out–for a woman my height, they are belts. Knee length becomes mini, calf length ends up somewhere awkward–neither above nor below the knee and ankle length become flood length.

    Thinking about this, I’m convinced my husband was right. We need to start a clothing line for the tall and big person that is “so unbelievably awesome that skinny people will eat a burger just so they can fit in our clothes.”

  18. Alison Says:

    I hope you’ll make t-shirts for “big-” and “middle-” sized women, as well. I would love to buy a super fantastic t-shirt and announce my fabulosity with the onomatopoeic ‘¡Ayyyyy!,’ but there’s no way that all 38 inches of my chest will fit comfortably or with dignity into what the site advertises as wares “ideal for the petite framed young lady.”

  19. in la Says:

    Christina, your last quote made my day. :-D

    I second your vote for a Big Foot Blog! And tall girl advice as well — as you so vividly describe, we tall ladies of *all* sizes have particular issues that have more to do with our height than our weight!

  20. InNoWomansLand Says:

    Is there a reason the size 12/14s and the size 22/24s need to start fighting?

    The plus-size super fantastic girl is certainly underserved by the market, no argument there. But I can tell you NO ONE is addressing the needs of that 165-pound super fantastic girl … and she is legion, or would be if she could find a dam’ thing to put on. Surely there’s room for a wide audience on the new blog — let’s not encourage the Manolo and/or the lesser media to over-segment this exciting developing market into a multifarious over-niched obscurity.

  21. Bridey Says:

    Manolo, I love you just a little more each day!

    And I agree completely, InNoWomansLand. I’m a heck of a lot closer to 265 than 165, but super fantastic big girls come in all sizes of large, and all of us are disgracefully underserved. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy whatever fine bloggers the Manolo discovers for us, even if they are not fat girls themselves.

    (And, at 5’3″, I have considerable difficulty finding pants and skirts that aren’t miles too long and tops that don’t have shoulder seams that float around my elbows. Maybe large-size women’s clothes don’t actually fit anybody properly….)

  22. Phyllis Says:

    If the new blog does nothing else but explain why size 16 blouses have sleeves that are 92 inches long, I’ll be it’s slave for life. Seriously why? Why do women’s size blouses have such uber-long sleeves?

  23. g-dog Says:

    Superfantastic. Maybe some folks could get a chance to guest blog without tackling the full responsibility of the whole site.

    It’s been stated above – but the scope of this site needs to address many issues:
    Big & Tall
    Big & not Tall
    Large chested
    Small chested
    Pears, apples, hourglass
    LARGE size range (size 12/14 – at least size 26 or more)
    Fashion for the teen, the GenX, the GenY, the baby boomer
    Casual, professional work wear, business casual (ayyyy!), going out, formal wear…
    Shoes for the wide foot, the tiny foot, the long foot, etc. – comfort would be great
    etc., etc.

  24. g-dog Says:

    Re: Phyllis’s comment which showed up while I was still typing:

    Women’s blouses have sleeves that are always too SHORT for me – sigh..
    Another thing – fashion for the small framed big girl (i.e. narrow shoulders) vs. the large frame big girl (and as nose guard, number 70 …)

  25. Cassie Says:

    I shall gather my writings and apply! I am an aspiring writer, and a big girl, and love fashion (and the latter two rarely meet in stores, and even more rarely in a friendly way).

    And Phyllis, I THINK the reason for the insanely long sleeves is that they don’t actually change the pattern of many plus-sized garments that look like “regular” garments. They simply enlarge them . . . in every dimension. Which means that they’re wider, and longer, but also abundantly sleeved, a curse for the shorter-armed larger women (I totally feel your pain).

  26. JaneC Says:

    Is there anyone out there who can actually always buy clothing off-the-rack that fits? I am the 5’6″ girl people supposedly gear clothes toward, but nothing ever fits. Regulars are too long in the leg and the waist, petites are too short in the leg and in the waist. Petite blouses fit my short arms but are too short at the hem and rarely large enough in the chest…etc.etc.etc. I’ve started wearing blouses with 3/4 sleeves and skirts almost all the time because they’re the only flattering things I can find!

  27. SSF Says:

    I’d love to apply – guessing I am making myself look stupid enough however by not finding a link to email the great Manolo :) I’m 32, a design greduate, a web designer by trade now although I started out in fashion, and it pains me to see larger women not dressed to flatter their shape. Let me know where to send example columns and I will send them off.

  28. Leah Says:

    The under-representation of the short girl manifests in that, in all the legions of size groups represented here, no one wants to hear about the short girl :(

    Petite pants (by some cruel twist of fate) are not made short enough for me, and I have awful trouble finding 28″ inseams (in North America) with the proper tush involved. Even more, what awful joke is someone playing by selling 34″ inseam pants to women in Asia*? WHAT?!?!?

    *we are typically short with long torsos…

  29. Dawny Says:

    Manolo, I could kiss you! I am 6 foot 1, size 16/18 woman in her 20’s and I wear a size 12-13 shoe. This site would be Ideal. Hope you address larger size shoe issues for women.

  30. elayne Says:

    Count me in as another soon-to-be fan.
    And to the folks tossing about 165 vs. 265 above: At nearly 6′ tall, when I weighed 165 I was skinny to the point of looking unhealthy. 200-210 (about a size 14-16) is where I look best – nice curves but no bulges. And yet, another woman my same height might look her best at 135. So please, everyone, don’t get sucked into the numbers nonsense. Go for where you look and feel your personal best – not some “magic number” that, in most cases, someone else (the ad industry, etc) has planted in your brain as being synonymous with “attractive.”

  31. Cat Says:

    To the JaneC and the Leah: You are not alone. I rarely find off-the-rack clothing that fits well. I am 5’2″ and a size 2, and have never yet found a pair of pants that fits me properly. Regular length is miles too long, and petite length is an inch or two too short. I have the same issue with long sleeves — regular is too long; petite is too short. I also have difficulty finding blouses that fit my frame and still have enough room in the bust.

    To the SSF: At the top of Manolo’s Shoe Blog, underneath the row of shoes, are two rows of links to Manolo’s various blogs and forums. The very last link, “Talk to Manolo,” is what you need to click on to email him.

  32. la petite chou chou Says:

    We can already see this is a polarized issue. Getting the sense that its an us vs them situation skinny vs fat, 12 vs 22. Sheesh.

    We are all people, and we all have our fashion difficulties. And I, working at Banana Republic, am the very LAST to discount the plight of the larger or smaller person, since I work with them every day. I’m 5’6 and just a size 0. At stores that run a bit bigger, I can’t find anything that fits me either, and at most stores, nothing in a size 0 is long enough since I’m mostly leg.

    I took a little offense at the “skinny people will eat a burger to fit in our clothes” comment because calling someone skinny (or making anorexic comments) is just as bad as calling someone else fat. *frown* Turns out that some of us can’t put on weight easily, while others can’t take it off.

  33. pbird Says:

    Well, this will be very interesting. Congratulations on an excellent idea.

    I’m with Christina, clothes for the tall and large woman are few and far between. Even worse is finding garments for the tall and large pregnant woman. Good luck.

    Though I am not nearly as big as I used to be I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Thank you, Manolo.

  34. in la Says:

    g-dog’s list and lots of the other comments on here make one thing clear: *everyone* has a dreadful time finding clothes/shoes that fit (and most everyone occasionally wonders if there’s something wrong with him/her!). ;-) That is, even if our precise issues are different (sleeve lengths, shoulder widths, giant feets), we’re really all having the same problem. Among my most fun shopping trips were with a 5′ friend of mine with tiny feet (I’m pushing 6′ and have feet to match… and then some). We’d walk into the shoe stores, look at the 0-2 styles they’d have for each of us — then walk out, laughing, and find something else to entertain ourselves with. As it happens, we ended up owning a lot of the same shoes. Anyway, looking forward to the expansion of the Manolo blogosphere. Hurray for working together to find a variety of styles to fit *all* sorts!

  35. Miss D Says:

    Dear Manolo:

    Manolo’s lovely heart and acceptance of all his fans has always peeked from behind his wicked and rapier wit. That you are committed to addressing the needs of all us “larger than life” gals is like manna from Manolo heaven. I suppose the blogging gig will go to a couple NYC fashionista’s, hooked up with the coolest outlets for getting the right clothes, which is only right, but as long as we can all participate it will be real.. My rules for larger ladies: We tend to have larger and wider feet than our more geneticially blessed sisters. While beat up feet are not the “sole” (sorry couldn’t resist) provence of L than L ladies, we do need shoes that minimize our feet. Often that means black or dark shoes, but certainly not always. I have a fabulous pair of pale green strappy sandals with a stacked heel that I bought in Ireland of all places, and dang if they ain’t the most comfortable sleds I’ve ever worn. I’ll send a pic, you will love them! Keep the love going Mr. M. You are a true gentleman!

  36. StickyKeys Says:

    Dearest Manolo my big fat feet (and butt and boobies!) thank you from the bottom of our big fat hearts! Please remember to include things specifically for curvy women, clothing companies seem to think that our waists are the same size of our hips! I can never get a pair of pants to fit!

    Also, NO ANIMALS! If I see one more plus sized section that has cows on it (I love cows, but not on my clothes, btw I’m from Nebraska, could you tell?) I am going to SCREAM!

    Also, also infusions of color, patterns, and a lot of risque are in high demand. I would love to apply but unfortunately I’m not very qualified and don’t have a lot of experience. I wish you the best in your search though and can’t wait for the final product!

  37. Jasmine Says:

    This is great news! I am interested, but my e-mail to you may not have been delivered! I will try again. Happy July 4th!

  38. B. Durbin Says:

    To all the women who have been posting about size issues:

    Not only do I hear you, it’s screaming in my ear. I look pretty normal but am oddly disproportionate— for example, a pair of slacks that would fit would be a petite cut at the hips, a tall inseam, and a size difference between the waist and hips. And that’s just the legs. (Shoes are the ONE place where I am utterly standard!)

    What I suggest is that every woman who has trouble with things fitting oddly should go to somebody who can do a full measurement for her— not only waist and hips, but inseam, rise, shoulder width, neck length, etc. For example, theater costumers often have a sheet with all of the measurements necessary to fit varying styles of costumes, including fitted and historical. Then find a sizing chart.

    That may not help you find clothes, but at least you’ll have some reason WHY things don’t fit. (Me, I’ve got no hope unless I go tailored, which is the reason there’s so many skirts in my closet!)

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