High Tide Heel, Part 2

Manolo says, after viewing the post about the High Tide Heels, one of the Manolo’s very perceptive internet friends, the Elle, has left the comment noting that Jean Paul Gaultier had sent the high-heeled flippers down the runway in his Spring 2007 Ready-To-Wear.

Naturally, the Manolo had to find these shoes and show them to his friends,

And so, voila!

Bay Watch, Paris

Although the Manolo remembers this Gualtier show very well, he admits to having completely missed these amusing flipper-shoes.

And for the next example of the high tide heels, it is also the smartie Elle who has provided the Manolo with the link to this photo below.

High Tide Heels and Exposed Bosoms

Once again, there is no indication of the provenance of this picture, other than that it appeared in the webpages of the Sydney Morning Herald. If any of the Manolo’s sharp eyed friends known from whence it comes, please tell.

UPDATE: The designer of the High Tide Heels has been identified!