The Acidic Flip Flops of Doom!


Manolo says, below is the reason why you do not purchase the cheap Chinese-made flip-flops from from the Wal-Mart.

Hi all! For those of you who don’t know, I used to work at Walmart for a short time, but quit

Before I quit though I did buy a pair of cheepie flip flops to wear over a weekend trip to the beach, Long Boat Key April 20th to be exact.

I actually got the stupid shoes in Aprill with a picture in mind then in June I wore them a few times.

Well, after wearing them my feet would be red and sort of tingly, but I figured that it was just because it was first flip flops of the year so my feet need to get used to them. Blabity blabity… Well I have now had what appears to be a chemical burn for 11 days, (As of July 3rd) I really thought it would just go away on it’s own. It is absolutely not going away very well at all…this started on

June 22nd 2007 and has just gotten worse basically. I have only worn those shoes 15 minutes here, half an hour there, hour there…and so on, NOT enough time to burn my feet like this!

Please, go now and look at what the cheap shoes can do to your feets, but first allow the Manolo to warn you that the pictures are not pleasant.

Let this be the cautionary tale about the perils of the cheap shoes.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friends the Rachel and the Lucia who sent the Manolo the link.