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The New Pamphleteer Interview | Manolo's Shoe Blog

The New Pamphleteer Interview

Manolo says, the Manolo’s friend David Bernstein of the New Pamphleteer is being interviewed at the Marimello blog, here is the excerpt in which your shoeblogging friend is praised.

M: Why’d ya pick a fashion blogger like Manolo [the shoe blogger] (aside from the fact that he is genius complete)? What’s the submission process?wildboys.gif

DB: Manolo is the ideal example of what we look for in an author – a rich blend of talent, a strongly passionate connection with a loyal online audience, and a mischievous entrepreneurial streak. In the case of Manolo, he was one of the first authors we sought out. But at the same time, we are very eager to see unsolicited submissions as well. One of our most successful, and I think best written, offerings is “Raising Wild Boys Into Men: A Modern Dad’s Survival Guide” by Kansas blogger Tony Woodlief. Tony sent us about 6 pamphlet proposals by email before we settled on this one. We’re also working on putting together a contest where we invite submissions, and we’ll post them as ebooks and let the public decide which should be published in print.

Genius complete? Ayyyy! Such wonderful praise makes the Manolo blush.

Is you wish to purchase the copy of the Manolo’s offering please go to the website for the New Pamphleteer.

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