The Crocs Mammoth

By Manolo the Shoeblogger


Manolo says, yes, these are exactly what the appear to be, the death of civilization as we know it.

Formerly, one could take comfort in the fact that the odious Crocs could not be worn in the depths of winter. Now, with the introduction of the fake-fur-lined Crocs, such bare solace is gone.

P.S. Many thanks to the Manolo’s internet friend Linda for alerting him to this abomination.


42 Responses to “The Crocs Mammoth”

  1. Twinkles Says:

    I have lost a little of my faith in mankind once more, I’d say gather them all up and burn them but even that would just harm the environment…

    Please, kill me if I ever get to the point of believing this is suitable apparel for anyone. Even gardeners and nurses can surely do batter?

  2. Despina Says:

    We should have seen it coming: the Croc-Ugg Love Child!

  3. megan Says:

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  4. Chloe Says:

    Hmmm… they could be cute on a 2 year old – but on a perfectly respectable adult? Erm, not so flattering!

  5. AndyShoes Says:

    So…the Manolo, and others, will be happy to read this post discussing hospitals now banning Crocs.

    However…..brace yourself and breathe deeply before you read the last paragraph.

  6. enc Says:

    There is consolation, though: the fool who wears them will have to suffer icy slush seeping into those god-forsaken holes.

    Behold, bedraggled feet!

  7. MissV Says:

    We can take solace in the fact that anyone who chooses to wear these in truly inclement weather may lose their feet to frostbite, thus rendering them unable to wear such horrible footwear ever again.

    (Although this might just prompt the invention of the “ProsthetiCroc”….uh oh.)

  8. La BellaDonna Says:

    Heh. La BellaDonna, she says, “Be cold, bedraggled feet!”

  9. gemdiva Says:

    As I mused in a previous comment….I wonder what the 1/2 life of the plastic-like substance with which crocs are made is? Surely these are not easily biodegradeable and therefore their proliferation is contributing to the destruction of the environment. Excuse me while I get Al Gore on the phone.

  10. Miriam Says:

    I was in a store the other day and the ground opened up, and lo, the devil himself showed me an unspeakable horror – crocs with rhinestones!

    I certainly hope no one makes shearling crocs with rhinestones. Then the world would truly come to an end.

  11. Miriam Says:

    I was in a store the other day and the ground opened up, and lo, the devil himself showed me an unspeakable horror – crocs with rhinestones!

    I certainly hope no one makes shearling crocs with rhinestones. Then the world would truly come to an end.

  12. Buck Says:

    Gemdiver, you, may I say it, exhibit the dearth of critical thinking. Al Gore is most concerned about CO2 entering the environment. The Croc is almost entirely Carbon which, if it bio-degrades, produces CO2 after passing through many unmentionable wee beasties. Think of this Croc as a somewhat cozy Carbon sequestration device. Therefore Al Gore should wear.

  13. tres_amelie Says:

    anyone who would buy a shearling lined synthetic plastic shoe in the color of “army/oatmeal” deserves – hands down – a sparta kick to the gut.

    le fin.

  14. e Says:

    ugocs. wocs. walks. cruggs.

  15. Annalucia Says:

    Ah, but the Manolo’s readers are overlooking the obvious. Here is the answer to the eternal question, “What should one wear while carrying out the garbage in the wet and slushy weather?”

  16. Chairman of the Bored Says:

    If not the death of Civilization, certainly the dearth.
    That growth around the opening seems to be organic
    Dont we use foot powder to avoid this?

  17. Poochie Says:

    At first I though my Manolo was kidding with us…

    then I saw that they were really named that.

    : P


  18. la petite chou chou Says:

    What the deuce!

    Two things: a)Why would anyone wear winter crocs when the whole point of crocs was the stupid breathable holes??? You can’t well wear holey shoes anyplace where it rains, snows, or is cold. b) Does anyone else see a contradiction in that many environmentalists are also animal rights activists, thus defeating their own purposes by supporting a culture in which people wear plastic shoes? Plastic isn’t biodegradable, but we can’t wear leather shoes!!! The horror.

    In fact, I am now going to ask one of my coworkers why he can justify wearing crocs while also being an almost extreme environmentalist.

  19. Lina Says:


    I’m so glad that greek people seem to ignore the existence of the Crocs. I would have to throw up a little every time I actually saw them live. Ewww.

  20. Linda Says:

    I saw these as I was scoping out the new fall boots. I am addicted to boots, and summers can be quite trying. The funniest part was when the clerk in the shoe store opened a box of these from the supplier, she let out a shriek of horror. Everyone in the store ran to see what was wrong. She pulled out a pair of these in green, and we all consoled her as best we could.

  21. gemdiva Says:

    Buck, you had the old “Gemdiver” goin there for a minute. You are referring to the 4-legged Croc. The shoe version, I have since discovered, is made from ethylene-vinyl acetate and is neither biodegradeable nor recyclable. So, while it will not pollute, it will never ever go away (kinda like Keith Richards). Which means crocs will just stay around looking ugly forever (kinda like Keith Richards).

  22. Phyllis Says:

    And I bet they had to increase the amount of the anti-bacterial chemicals injected into the plastic to account for extra sweaty feet these will cause!

  23. KateriBella Says:

    Ok…I love my Crocs, but these are so hideously, unappealingly, grossly, disgustingly, nauseatingly UGLY that I might just try to dump paint and ruin any that I might see in public! I would NEVER in a million lifetimes, purchase or let anyone purchase these in my presence. KateriBella’s feets sweat anyway…why would she want to walk around in miniature, self-contained lakes of smelly feetwater??
    e — Croggs

  24. vanessa Says:

    the only think in the world that would make me wear these is– wait, scratch that. never, ever, in my entire lifetime, would i decide to wear shoes that are not only bad for the enviornment, flashy and trashy, a waste of money, time and careers, but just plain out ugly. i wish they’d all go away, and i don’t understand why it is taking humans, people who are capable of creating air planes and biodegradable cell phones (but then again-also of destroying the earth) to figure out that they’re pieces of garbage.

  25. Lori Says:

    Crocs for the apres snow shoveling!

  26. JJ Says:

    People !!! Snap out of it !!!!!!!!!you are talking about shoes ! A fad that will surely go away just as fast as it came in. Give it two years at the most . Suck it up and deal with it. I am former fashionista (still am) would not have my perfect size 5 foot caught dead in a croc – but damnnnn I am def. buying them for my children – no matter how many times they fall in the poorly constructed shoe. They love them and they are soo much cheaper than $50 + sneakers that I usually have to buy.

    Take a pill and relax ……

  27. bijou Says:

    oooooh, I loathe these hideous things so much. It is an insult to footwear to even refer to them as shoes. People are getting so lazy and selfish… Every argument I’ve heard for them says they are comfortable. SO WHAT?! My flannel boxer shorts are comfortable, hell, being naked is comfortable – but I still respect my surroundings and fellow city dwellers to clothe myself each day and not step out with neon sirens on my feet. What’s wrong with all the brilliant and adorable ballet flats that are also popular? Or for men, a nice pair of loafers are both classy and comfortable. A grown man wearing flourescent orange shoes embarrasses me – but it should embarrass HIM.
    And the families that parade their ridiculous adoption of this resin-festation are the worst… entire PACKS of them, walking around together. I want to go up to them, hand them a spade and guide them to a garden, because they have obviously wandered away from ‘family fun day’ tilling the ground and running through sprinklers in their own backyards – which is the only excusable scenario for adopting such a silly, sad and trendy plague.
    Excuse me while I go stock up on glorious heels and tall boots to for the winter style-combat that is about to ensue

  28. Anonymous Says:

    oh for gods sakes, someone stop the madness!

  29. cici Says:

    Yoe all are nuts!If these crocs cost $800.00 with the name Manolo on them they would be the best thing since sliced bread.The fact of the matter is they are comfortable, and having RA there are not that many shoes that are- they come in all sizes- they are affordable- and yes-THANK GOD- we can now wear them in the winter, and the rain.Those of you who are beneath wearing them and would much rather spend a fortune on shoes that may be beautiful, but can ruin your feet. I’m not saying I don’t like fashionable shoes, but quite simply I can feel like I’m cool- and comfortable wearing crocs-and guess what- so do my kids.Come on guys- get off you’re high horses-it’s ok to be hip and comfortable for under $40.00.Relax Manolo you won’t be losing any customers.This whole thing is ridiculous!

  30. Alice Says:

    I want a pair of Mammoths BAD !!! Can’t find them !!

  31. Syd's Mom Says:

    I have now purchased two pairs of these adorable shoes for my two year old and she loves them!!!! She can put them on all by herself and is so happy. I have tracked down a pair for myself so we can match (in the house) and I will be thrilled when they come in the mail. I do not own any of Manolo’s shoes personally, but they all seem pretty uncomfortable, especially for the mom of a two year old. I don’t berate your shoe choices so please don’t berate people who like comfy shoes.

  32. Stacey Says:

    Wow – you people need something else to worry about… like starving children, or the melting glaciers. Get over it, and get some perspective… they are shoes.

  33. Laurie Says:

    Come on guys. These are the ideal Crocs for you. Youur corns and bunions due to your painful pointy shoes won’t get caught in the Croc’s holes since they’re blocked by fuzzy shearling.

  34. ma2one Says:

    This is SOOO sad. You people are all up in arms over SHOES? That you “wouldn’t be caught dead” in? I don’t know what is sadder, the fact that you absolutely hate something SO much (which, by the way, are JUST shoes!), or the fact that you feel the need to have a website devoted to your hate for said shoes.
    My 5 year old son LOVES them, he had a pair this summer and practically wore them everyday (except when he HAD to wear sneakers), and I just ordered him a pair of the mammoths for winter. I actually like them, too. I had some in the summer and just ordered myself some mammoths as well. What I think is so “sad” and should be “the end of the world” as you all refer to THESE shoes, is the fact that you would go out and spend a ridiculous amount (YES, $800 or more on a pair of uncomfortable heels simply because they say “Manolo” is RIDICULOUS). You act as though these shoes are “beneath” you all, but I guaran-damn-tee you all that if they weren’t made by Crocs, but by Manolo, you’d all just HAVE to have them. And you all have to through in the comments about what’s good for the environment and what’s not, but I’d be willing to bet that the environment is not on ANY of your minds when you are out buying your Manolos, huh?
    Be damned if I am going to go broke buying heels that will hurt my feet and ruin them in the long run when I can buy something for a tiny fraction of the price and be comfortable. And, in response to a comment that someone left on here, it DOES matter that they are comfortable. Yes, I understand that your flannel boxers are comfortable too and you don’t go out in them, but if you did, I wouldn’t judge you. Unfortunately you cannot say the same because just about every single comment I have read on here shows what kind of materialistic, judgemental, arrogant people you all are. THAT is what is sad…not a Croc shoe.

  35. Ann Says:

    Anyone who buys dangerous shoes for their child, and ugly to boot, should have DHS called. Why don’t you just give them a push down the stairs and be done with it? Ug.

  36. Ariun Says:

    Uh… cici? You do realise this is not The Manolo Blahnik? You’ve seen the disclaimer at the bottom of every page? You do realise it’s a good thing to check facts before you rant? No, you don’t? Same goes for you, Stacey — didn’t you notice this is a shoe blog, not a starving-children-blog, or a melting-glacier-blog?

    I always say, if you don’t like what the blog owner writes, just go read something else. Nobody forced you to come here. This is Manolo’s Party; don’t put a turd in his punch bowl just ‘cos you don’t like the drinks offered.

  37. R. Terry Says:

    Well I guess most of you have not experienced disease in your feet & legs.
    These may be ugly, but they are HEAVEN SENT for those of us with perophieral Neropathy!

  38. Sydd Says:

    No, they’re not attractive, and unless you get knock-offs on eBay, they’re ridiculously priced, but I now have a bunion, and they’re about the only thing I can wear these days. I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks of me wearing them, so they’re ok by me.

  39. zygmy Says:

    I LOVE MY CROCS. I found this site by looking for more. I just could not care any less about what anyone thinks about them because after being on my feet all day, I go to bed pain free. I used to think they were ugly too until I tried them, you know, to wear around the yard or to the beach………..

    I like cute shoes and boots too, but they HURT me so I no longer waste my money on them. So I will wear my crocs until I can’t find them any more and you can wear your choice of shoes all the way to the podiatrist, who by the way, will tell you to try crocs. They are podiatrist recommended….

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  40. Peter Bird Says:

    There is some good discussion on crocs at this podiatry website:

  41. catherine Says:

    id rather die than wear those

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