Karl on Karl: The Love Story

Manolo says, here from the New York Post is the amusing review of the Evil One’s movie, Lagerfeld Confidential.

‘THE few people I know who knew me as a child say I was like a male Shirley Temple – rather unbearable and spoiled,” muses designer Karl Lagerfeld in “Lagerfeld Confidential,” the Rodolphe Marconi documentary that makes its American premiere at Film Forum on Wednesday.

The film is a compilation of behind-the-scenes footage from Chanel and Lagerfeld’s eponymous line, as well as no-holds-barred interviews with the designer and vignettes from Lagerfeld’s childhood. It offers viewers an unprecedented level of access to Lagerfeld’s private life.

In the documentary, his home – stashed to the rafters with books, magazines, iPods, Chrome Hearts jewelry and dozens of rails of black clothes – is on open display. So are the private moments, like Karl walking around in his bathrobe and Karl without his sunglasses.

Beware, the Devil’s Eyes!


Patron Saints and the Gentle Craft

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend Charlotte has reminded the Manolo that today is St. Crispin’s Day, the feast day for the twin saints Crispin and Crispian, two of the most important of the patron saints of the cobbler.

What many of the Manolo’s friends may not know is that few occupations have as many patron saints as that of the shoemakers. Indeed, the distinction of patron may be applied to several dozen holy figures of the past ( the partial list of which may be seen at this website), including such luminaries as Catherine of Alexandria, Mary Magdalene, Homobonus, and Gangolfo.

Also not well known, is that most of these tutelary saints began life as aristocrats who later humbled themselves in the service of God, producing through the honest labor of their hands beautiful shoes for the those who had none. This is why shoemaking has historically been called the “Noble or Gentle Craft“, because its patrons saints were usually nobility.

But none of this is news to those few who have read the Manolo’s Consolation of the Shoes, which describes in detail the period in the young Manolo’s life when he was ardently devoted to the cults of many of these noble saints.

And now, in secular celebration of this holy day, the Manolo gives you that most appropriate of poems, The Shoemakers, by John Greenleaf Whittier.


Stuart Weitzman’s Does the Prada Ombre Knockoff

Prada Womens Shoes Fall - Winter 2007/08  Manolo Likes Click!

Manolo says, remember these beautiful and unusual Prada Ombre shoes from last season, with the sfumato gradient effect?

It seems that Stuart Weitzman does

Sensual by Stuart Weitzman   Manolo Likes!  Click!

In the coming months you will undoubtedly see more modestly priced shoes with this same look.

Whose Shoes Wednesday, The Answer

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Manolo answers, it is the Katie Holmes!

Congratulations to the Cat, who has once again been the first to correctly identify whose shoes.

After looking at many, many pictures of the Katie Holmes, that Manolo has to say that he has rarely seen any person more ill at ease in front of the camera.