The Thoughtful Dresser

Manolo says, finally, Manolo’s good friend, the writer Linda Grant, has entered the blogosphere!

Here is the excerpt from one of her first posts, entitled appropriately, Why Clothes Matter.

Brood on this. There are only a few minutes every day when we are not clothed: in the shower, changing from one set of garments to another, having sex – these times of total nakedness are far less significant than the overwhelming hours in which we are dressed. Clothing begins in the first minute or two of our lives and we will be clothed in the grave, whether it is a suit placed on our corpse by an undertaker, or a linen shroud.

Writing about clothes, let alone thinking about them, is considered to be light-weight, trivial, empty-headed. Fashion is for those devoured by greed and consumerism. To be serious is to barely conscious of what you wear.

Enough of the sneering, already. Clothes are important.

Indeed, the Manolo could not have put it better himself.

You must go now and read this new blog, as Linda is not only the great writer, but she is the person of discernment and taste and knowledge.