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Brian Atwood Suede Platform Pumps

October 30, 2007 12

Brian Atwood Suede Platform Pump    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, remarkably, this magnificent suede shoe by Brian Atwood has the 5 inch heel.

Anyone can put on the teeteringly high heels on the shoes, but only the true artist can make the shoes with the five inch heels that seem proportional, make them seem beautiful, and, dare the Manolo say it, make them seem practical.


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  • enc says:

    I’d never have believed the shoe had a 5″ heel, because it looks lower. As you point out, this is really good design. I’ve seen Louboutins that high that look like they’re “too high,” because the proportion looks wrong to me somehow.

  • angelhair says:

    Those are the most beautiful shoes I’ve seen in a long time. And you really got it right about the proportions. These shoes are the only 5″ heels I would even remotely consider wearing. I wonder if they’re as comfortable as they look?

  • roz says:

    They have to be showing that shoe in a size 10 or 11 to offset the heel. I would imagine it wouldn’t look so proportional in a size 6.

  • dangster says:

    I agree with roz, the heel would look much taller on a size 6 shoe. If this was a size 6 shoe, I would have thought this was a 3.5″ to 4″ heel.

  • Roz is most likely correct, that this is the larger sized shoe here. Still, this is the absolutely the most beautiful platform the Manolo has ever seen. And it seems oddly wearable.

  • deja pseu says:

    It’s a beautiful shoe, but to the Deja the words “5 inch heel” and “practical” cannot be reconciled.

  • alex says:

    I think one would have to actually “wear” the shoe to determine the comfortability ……anyone care to sponsor this study? I wear a size 7 ; )

  • Poochie says:

    I saw that shoe as well, and though I have not bought any Brian Atwoods, I would seriously consider them.

    I’m a 5.5, what to put that 5″ heel to a real test?


  • Brian's Babymomma says:

    Perfect! I wear an 11 anyways. Plus I’ve always wanted to be 6’3″…

  • Phyllis says:

    *! ! Gasp ! !*

    A nirvana shoe experience. True the heel is very high, but is off-set by the comfy and accomodating nature of a suede shoe.

    (Manolo you you will be pleased to know my ‘tween daughter diligently brushes her suede boots very time she wears them.)

  • la petite chou chou says:

    The simple fact that the platform itself is hidden makes the shoe look elegant. (I find that many average platforms just look trashy…)