Injustice! (Again!)

Manolo says, yet again the major blogging awards have neglected to include the fashion blog category. This time it is the Weblog Awards who have disrespected us.

This is ridiculous. As this year alone dozens of articles, in such publications as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London, have been written about the growing power and influence of the fashion blogosphere. The point of most of these articles is that the fashion blogs are having the significant impact on the wider culture. And they all note how fashion blogs have changed the relationship between the clothing designers, the clothing retailers and manufacturers, and the consuming public. Where before there were one-sided announcements, now there is conversation.

The Manolo would also point to one other indication of the importance and impact of the fashion blogs: money.

One need only look at such recent developments as the purchase of Coutorture by Sugar Media, and the amount of capital raised by to know that the the economic potential of the fashion blogs is great. Indeed, the Manolo himself has been approached repeatedly in the past six months by the venture capitalists offering him ridiculous sums of money for investment purposes. This sort of thing does not happen to the pet blogs.

And so the Manolo now calls upon the Weblog Awards to acknowledge what the rest of the world already knows, that the fashion blogs are important and worthy of recognition.

If you, the reader of this post, would like to help, go to their site and leave the polite comment asking that they reconsider their decision, or email them the polite but firm note expressing your objections.

If you are the fashion blogger, write the post celebrating the substantial achievements of the fashion blogs and decrying this injustice. It is not right that the fashion blogosphere should be neglected in this way.