Louboutin Miss Fred Tacco vs Steve Madden Becks

Miss Fred Tacco Boot from Christian Louboutin   Manolo Likes! Click!Steve Madden Becks, or is it?

Manolo says, on the left you see the beautiful Miss Fred Tacco Boot from Christian Louboutin which the Manolo mentioned earlier today, retail price $695.

On the right you see the Steve Madden Becks patent leather bootie which was spotted by the Manolo’s internet friend Carrie, and priced at $149.95.

Clearly, the Louboutin has inspired the Madden shoe, although, if one looks closely, as our internet friend Cassandra has done…

Is it just me or is the picture on the Steve Madden link Carrie posted the same exact picture of Louboutin’s shoe, but with the red sole photoshopped out?

And that is indeed the exact conclusion of the Manolo, that the graphic designers at the Steve Madden have simply stolen the Saks Fifth Avenue picture, applied the computer, and… hey presto! It is now the Steve Madden shoe!

Of the course, the other Steve Madden Becks Booties, in the different colors, required slightly more complex photoshopping mad skillz…

Steve Madden Becks, or is it?Hey!  Where's the reflection of the shoelace.Steve Madden Becks, or is it?Steve Madden Becks, or is it?

Obviously, someone at the Steve Madden has taken the most unethical short cut to fooling the buyer

And naturally, this leaves the Manolo wondering exactly what the Becks looks like, not that he would purchase any shoe that so clearly ripped off the original, and is being sold by such scoundrels.