Build the Outfit #8, The Winner!

Build the Outfit #8

Manolo says, after much deliberation the Manolo has finally selected the winner of the latest episode of the Manolo’s Build the Outfit contest, and there it is above, the winning ensemble put together by the Manolo’s internet friend Rachel.

Here the Rachel, talking about her entry.

I’d go with a short dress to show off the over-the-knee boots. The ribbed tights make the leg look even longer. The earrings and bag complement the blues of the dress. And the coat, I just love the coat. I was going to go for a hat, too. But as I pictured the long-legged girl wearing the ensemble hurrying down the streets of Manhattan to meet friends for an informal party, I just knew she wouldn’t want to ruin her look with hat hair.

For the Manolo it was the very colorful short dress that made this outfit. Tall, dark, and handsome boots like these require a the short dress, so that the tiniest bit of thigh might be shown. The splash of color here enlivens the boots and makes what could be somber, more festive.

For her winning effort the Rachel will receive the $100 worth of credit at the, the brand new online shopping venue, one that brings the Web 2.0 to help with the search for the perfect pair of heels. - Free Overnight Shipping

Holiday Shoes 2007, IV

Dolce Gabbana Gold Peep Toe Pump   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here are the beautiful Dolce and the Gabbana golden peep toe pumps, perfect for the most festive of holiday events not involving Santa-intoxicated children and mountains of tattered wrapping paper.


Manolo for the Home

Manolo says, The Manolo now wishes to introduce to you the latest addition to the Manolo’s network of blogs,

Manolo for the Home!!!

As the subtitle says, it provides “house, home, and lifestyle advice from Manolo the Shoeblogger,” although, as you will see when you visit, it is actually the redoubtable Never teh Bride who is providing the most sensible and super fantastic of advices. (The Manolo is merely riding shotgun, pointing to things on the big map and kibitzing, much in the way one imagines Martha Stewart guides her media empire, only nicer.)

So, you must now go read this new blog, as undoubtedly you will find much here that is of interest to you.