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You’ve Got the Look!

December 20, 2007 10

Manolo says, 1981, it was the simpler time, when hot chicks wore “mom jeans” and monkeys danced in exultation because of it.

P.S. Many thanks to Mr. Isidore Gallant for finding the old jeans commercials.


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  • deja pseu says:

    Bambergers! Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while.

  • enc says:

    Does anyone remember Bonjour jeans? I got a pair of those. They were great. And I had Sassons, too.

  • susan says:

    Oh, it was Gloria Vanderbilts for me! With one of those long handled combs sticking out of the back pocket to style my shaggy Farah Facett bangs.

    But seriously, in 2020 they will probably look at the early 00’s as the time of muffin tops and peek a boo thongs and laugh loudly.

  • theDiva says:

    I can’t believe I remembered every word to that jingle. Kill me now.

  • raincoaster says:

    @theDiva: you think that’s bad? I STILL think he looks pretty good in that outfit. I’m old, yo.

  • Daniela says:

    Oi, the 80s were the age of the designer jean. It, however, does not mean they were good looking. I think they were designed with ample pockets to stash the drugs you were holding “for a friend.”

    I’m a mom, and I stay far, far, FAR away from “mom jeans.”

    Do you remember how innovative it was for Chic jeans to come in different lengths?

  • Sandy says:

    They look better than the jeans of today that girls wear with the fat rolls falling over the side of the jeans. :p

  • Bridey says:

    To expand on the point Sandy makes, it was kind of nice to have something that was both up-to-the-minute fashionable and easy for even average- and plus-size women to wear. Low-slung jeans make everyone but the visible-hipbone brigade look like they don’t know how to buy pants that fit.

    Of course, before designer jeans, there were Dittos, which were worn much tighter and had a weird extra seam that curved around the butt, called a “saddle seat.” They didn’t really look good on anybody, but they were quite the thing for about a year. But perhaps Dittos were just a SoCal phenomenon, like the summer everybody wore sundresses over white jeans.

  • My mom would not buy me Jordache jeans, Sassons or Bonjour although I envied every girl who had a pair. She bought me Levi’s. What I most coveted were Gloria Vanderbilts. I perfected a sketch of the swan in Mrs. Maddox’s uber-boring Algebra class in 1982.

    This commercial takes me back. I can almost smell the “Gee Your Hair Smell’s Terrific” shampoo when the girl flounces her hair around in her Jordaches.

  • betsy says:

    I had a pair of Dittos in junior high. I was convinced that they made my flat-as-a-pancake butt look shapely.

    Upon reflection, I could have been mistaken.