Whose Shoes Wednesday…The Answer!

Manolo asked, whose shoes?

Joan Crawford

Manolo answers, it is the magnificent and frightening Joan Crawford!

Congratulations to the Manolo’s internet friend the Katie, who was the first to identify whose shoes.


The Big Question

Manolo says, the Plumcake has just asked this week’s Big Question, what are you doing to bring the real sexy back?

Shoe Trends for 2008, Part One

Manolo says, over the next few days the Manolo will be sharing with you what he thinks are the shoe trends for the New Year.

Here is the new shoe, the Cary from Donald Pliner, which represents one of the coming trends.

Cary by Donald Pliner   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Yes, it is the return of the pointy toed pumps. Although, they never completely went away, pointy toed shoes have been in eclipse for the past three years. But you may now look for them to begin to creep back onto the runways in the coming months.


The Post Christmas Bargains

Manolo says, the Manolo bloggers have been working diligently to find you the best post Christmas bargains. Francesca has found several excellent sales for the big girls at the Manolo for the Big Girl, and of the course, everyday is bargain day with Twistie at the Manolo’s Basement of the Bargains.


Daniel Day-Lewis Loves the Shoes

Manolo says, it is no secret that there are only two actors who are truly qualified to play the Manolo in the film version of Super Fantastic. The first is the master thespian, David Hasselhoff, for the most obvious reasons. The second is Daniel Day-Lewis, who is the kindred spirit of the Manolo, for it is true, he loves the shoes!

“I feel as if the periods when I’m not working are very closely related to the periods when I am working. There is no division between those two lives,” [Daniel Day-Lewis] said. “And I feel misrepresented because I keep quiet when I’m not working, (and) on the occasions when I once again step into a public arena, some people tend to see that there’s almost a kind of bipolar existence going on. But of course for me they’re both essential to each other.”

How he spends his off time isn’t something he likes to share: “I’m always a little reluctant to talk about that, and maybe that’s how I manage to create the apparent rift between one world and the other.”

A father of two with his wife, screenwriter-director Rebecca Miller, Day-Lewis does reveal that he “loves motorbikes,” enjoys woodworking and has “a fascination for shoes, for the construction of shoes, which is a very complex and beautiful process.” (He famously took time off to work as a cobbler in Florence, Italy, before taking on the wonderfully villainous part of Bill the Butcher in “Gangs of New York.”)

Obviously, the Daniel Day-Lewis is possessed of the deep, deep soul.

Whose Shoes Wednesday

Manolo asks, whose shoes?