Valentino for the Monday

Beautiful, Strappy Sandals from Valentino!

Manolo says, it is the first Monday in January and the party is emphatically over.

You know this because you are back at your desk, and The Man is already breathing down your neck complaining about whatever it is he complains about. The strangely-out-of-character holiday cheeriness your boss had exhibited for the past two weeks is long gone, having been replaced by his usual pinch-penny misanthropy. In other words, it is back to normal at the firm of Scrooge and Marley.

This would not be so bad, but at home the Christmas tree is still standing in the corner, shedding its needles and giving your home the gloomy air of decay.

“Manolo,” you shout silently, “Take me away!”

And so the Manolo does, by showing you the beautiful and strappy sandal from Valentino. And with one look, it is the holiday season again, and your boss is dressed up as Santy Claus taking down your Christmas tree, packing everything away in his sleigh, and leaving behind nothing but good memories and the fat bonus check.