How Many Shoes Do You Need?

Manolo says, two of the Manolo’s internet friends Thom Wong and Linda Grant are both having the separate discussions about the requisite number of shoes that each person should own.

The brilliant and witty Linda Grant gives the almost definitive answer to the question, How many shoes for the woman?

The Manolo says “almost” because she has neglected the important categories of “beautiful shoes you have briefly glimpsed on other peoples feets, but cannot find in the stores,” and “beautiful shoes you have dreamed about, but cannot find in the waking world.” The Manolo includes these unusual categories because, for the Manolo, such shoes occupy much more space in his psychic closet than do shoes the Manolo actually owns. Thus, he considers them necessary.

Although, on closer reflection, perhaps, this sort of thing is peculiar to the Manolo.

In any event, you must go read the Linda’s entire list, as it is both amusing and totally correct.

Not coincidentally, the second conversation, being led by the Manolo’s internet friend Thom Wong, is about the minimum number of shoes required by the man. It is the firm rebutting of the ridiculous notion that the average man should own no more than three pairs of the shoes. (And here the Manolo openly scoffs at such sad and artificial limitations.)Salvatore Ferragamo Cap-Toe Oxford.

In this age of doing more with less, global energy crises, and the Ugg viral outbreak, it is the perfect time to contemplate how many shoes a man should own. The Thoughtful Dresser states a rule, unfamiliar to this writer, that a man tends to believe he doesn’t need more than three. The esteemed Manolo places that number closer to ten. The simple answer is – as many as he wears.

Most men treat footwear as an afterthought, which naturally risks derailing even the most carefully considered outfit. Before even thinking about tie and shirt combinations a man should take stock of what is going on his feet.

The Truth!

In regards to the Manolo’s declaration of ten as the magic number, the Manolo would simply note that this is the absolute minimum below which the well-dressed man dare not venture. Naturally, the Manolo would counsel that one acquire as many beautiful shoes as one’s budget and taste allow.

Perhaps tomorrow, or the next day, the Manolo will give you his practical list of the ten necessary shoes for the man.