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Prada Sandals for the Middle of the Winter

January 10, 2008 3

Prada Womens Shoes Spring - Summer 2008

Manolo says, yes it is only January, and the spring is still decades away. How you long for the coming of the summer, when you can wear beautiful, strappy sandals from clever designers without feeling conspicuously out of place.

Look! it is the new Summer 2008 sandals from Prada! Is that the ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds?


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  • Jennifer L. says:

    Winter? What winter? The mercury hit 64 degrees yesterday in NYC. Yeah yeah yeah, I know. . . global warming is to be blamed and we should be all concerned. Believe me, I am concerned. Truly. But that doesn’t mean that I will sit in a corner and sulk about the warmer temps. The cold dark days are sooooooooo, well, cold and dark. I love seeing pics. of sandals and beaches and bright colors at this time. . . makes me have my own little private FREE vacation.

    Hey whaddaya know, the Manolo has morphed into my personal Punxsutawney Phil.

  • gollum says:

    I wants them. They are perfect, my treasure, perfect.

  • Imelda says:

    Perfect for todays expected 41 degrees. Imelda will get onto fedex stat!